Burger Point: Catch your happiness hotspot!


Laughter is the brightest, where the food is best. If you’re wandering along the streets of Chandigarh and you feel like gorging on some finger licking quick bites, there could be no better place to litter happiness than Burger Point. 

With their outlets in Sector 15, Sector 32, Sector 35 and Sector 46 of Chandigarh, this fast food chain is impeccably spread across the tricity. And as the name suggests, it is well known for serving a huge array of burgers, which makes it the second home for all the youth residing at nearby places.

Although their burger is just another gimmick, but it is actually worth tasting. Their extensive use of veggies wrapped in myriad flavors, speak of high quality. A large variety of quick bites ranging from aloo-tikki burger and Maharaja-burger with overloaded cheese, to their amazing wraps and sandwiches; you can get it all under one roof, without doing a hole in your pocket.

Their extensive variety of burgers makes them close to their customer’s heart and of course, their stomach. You can try burgers with layers of soft cheese or some with crunchy chips, that make the whole experience a new one.

To annex more pleasure to your visit, you can complement yourselves with some rejuvenating drinks, of which the Oreo shake and cold coffee is a must try. 

Expert advice: When you visit Burger Point, get ready to forget your gym workout, because you are going to intake a lot of calories manifested as cheese and chocolate, and lots more. So, keep gorging!

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(Burger Point has a cozy sitting outside the outlets, which usually comes with parking issues.)

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