Brooklyn Central: Sometimes, a break is all you need!


Want to experience some NYC ambiance in the town? Or perhaps, drink some good beer and have some waffles straight down from the 5th Avenue? Just head out to ‘Brooklyn Central’ for the true yankee food and drinks.

Situated at the courtyard of Elante, ‘Brookyln Central’ offers a wide variety of drinks and bites. A perfect place to hang out with friends, go on a good romantic date, or throw a kitty party. With the perfect downtown experience, good music and hospitality, they serve you mouth-watering food and a great variety; from hard drinks to shakes, from bowl of pho, platters to pastas and hot dogs. They have a good hold on menu and serves satisfying deserts for the sweet tooth. Their portions of servings are generous and stomach filling.


Try their delicious Jameson Lamb Burger, which would enthrall your soul with its juicy lamb and cheese dropping out. To dodge the pricey listings on the menu, you can try the 1+1 big-burp offer which offers you one dish for free on Mondays and Tuesdays. Famous for its drinks, you can easily land yourself roaming between Staten Island with the variety of drinks offered.

Though a little expensive ‘Brooklyn Central’ provides you a good break from the hectic schedule of life.

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Service: 3.5-stars

Overall, here is how we rate ‘Brooklyn Central’4-stars

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