Breaking Out of the Cocoon: It’s time to calculate growth in terms of freedom of expression!


One of the touchstones to determine the novelty and originality of any phenomenon is the degree of opposition it faces. 


Applied to the present scenario, it isn’t difficult to decipher what a great piece of art the upcoming and the much awaited movie ‘Udta Punjab’ should be, much to the dismay of the popular dissenters. Portrayal of truth can be really upsetting it seems, resulting in the bursting of the hollow-swollen egos of the tyrants.


What a pity to have things go unnoticed where censoring should actually be the norm of the day and the real mind and eye openers are almost strangulated to death by the totalitarians. Be it the Dadri lynching case, murders of the rationalists M.M. Kalburgi and Govind Pansare, suicide committed by Rohit Vemulla or sedition charges against Kanhaiya Kumar- none of it seems to show any positive signs towards building a better and healthy India. No stone has been left unturned in order to curb the leftist and rationalist tendencies, which in any case bounce back with a bigger boom. Keeping in line with our neighbor country Bhutan, which calculates its Gross National Happiness instead of the conventional Gross Domestic Product, it is about high time, we Indians too started measuring the true progress in terms of freedom of thought and expression, for the sham progress has increased manifolds.


It is for the citizens to realize that they are being forced to live in a cocoon forever with crippled wings, which reminds one of George Orwell’s ‘1984’ and also, as Anurag Kashyap rightly observed, one feels as if one were living in North Korea. As if the obsolete, much trodden and entirely redundant ways of life in our society weren’t enough, now comes moral policing as an accompaniment. The power of an individual must never be forgotten and the solution lies in not fanning the fire further, rather to soak the fire in water.


However, the trials and tribulations the film had to face had its own pros- its promotion and publicity is unprecedented, thanks to the patriarchs of the country. Time to introspect- Are we really a free thinking country ?

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Mallika Singh (English Dept, PU Campus)

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