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This is going to be short and hopefully will make some sense and most likely anger a lot of you football fans out there and I don’t blame you, believe me it’s as hard to believe as it is for me to write this article. Yes, I intend to boycott FIFA this year onwards, which means no FIFA Videogames, apparel or the World Cup. And I know you’re thinking it’s impossible and I do admit it’s going to be insanely difficult. But maybe it’s not. Maybe once you know what the organization has become ,its easier to boycott it. And no, I’m not doing it for that stupid movie ‘United Passions’; the most horrible mistake of Tim Roth’s life and anyone who decided to watch the movie; which was majorly funded by FIFA. No, that’s not what we are talking about here.

FIFA has faced allegations in the past year regarding corruption, true and we might see a better management due to the stepping down of the notorious FIFA president Sepp Blatter. I mean anybody would step down when people start yanking your clothes off, metaphorically of course. I don’t even wish to see Sepp Blatter with clothes on, let alone naked. FIFA spent a whole load of cash under his management to make stadiums; one of them in a jungle, ironically named the ‘Arena da Amazonia’; which is of very little use to Brazil, as it is expensive to host events in these stadiums and they are virtually empty, proving to be a waste of Brazil’s money.  FIFA is just one of those organizations who sets the quality bar to such insane levels, but seemingly making promises of false returns that it becomes very difficult for the governments of the country to manage these expenses, yet they have to bow down to the organization.

Qatar won the bid for being the host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which is insane because Qatar is a place that reaches the temperature of about 96 degree Fahrenheit, which is great if you want to pop some patties on the barbeque but also great if you want to see the skins of the whole team of England the same colour as their jerseys (red or totally white, either way not healthy at all). That is an obvious health risk that Sepp Blatter or anyone didn’t think of when he drew Qatar’s name out of the envelope because I guess, with millions in your pockets you can easily forget about the millions that come to see your events.

Qatar is seen as a huge mistake which is now seen as a possible result of corruption under the Blatter management. Doesn’t matter now, all in the past ever since Blatter stepped down. It was seen as an opportunity to eradicate the negative stigma that the Arab community holds in the west; the perfect opportunity to break down stereotypes. That does sound pleasant and I’m totally up for it. But it doesn’t sound as pleasant when you know about the conditions of migrant workers in Qatar. Now, Qatar like other Arab countries follows the system of labour called the ‘kafala system’ or the ‘Sponsorship system’ where migrant workers are watched over or ‘sponsored’ by an original citizen of that country in order for migrants to work in that country; which served and continues to serve a problem of inconsistency of work by migrants but has taken a rather exploitive form as the migrants are unable to return to their native countries many times, not provided proper or basic facilities and are caught up in a cycle of exploitation. Surely, when it comes to an event like the FIFA World Cup there will be better management, right? Apparently not, because the death rate of labourers has reached more than 1,200. Reportedly the number of Indian migrants out of those is a surprising 450 people. It’s amazing that we could care so little for so many people simply because they may be out of the country or maybe because it comes in the way of our passions.

Why the boycott? Because we can’t really see what makes a difference until we try. And it’s hard to give up something that really dwells inside our hearts but not for an organizations that takes away so much and defames the sport that we all love. Every FIFA ad campaign we’ve seen is so lively and shows each event worth living for. Or maybe lies have a price they can afford. You decide. #boycottFIFA

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