‘Boy Interrupted’: Psychology Society of DAV Society Screens Movie on Suicide Awareness


The Psychology society of DAV college, ‘PSYCH‘ screened a documentary, ‘Boy, interrupted’, to spread awareness about suicide in one of the Psychology labs of the college at 12:30 on 16th September, 2017.

This was the first event conducted by this society, which was formulated by the 2nd year students of graduation. It had been an idea which couldn’t be converted into reality for a very long time but it was the efforts of Niyati, Niharika, Rudraksh, Pulkita; which has helped to make this long-awaited dream of having a Psychology Society in DAV College come true. Many more events are yet to come, this is just a start but we certainly need everyone’s support, says Niyati in a polite, pleasant tone.

There were around 40-45 students and all the department teachers were present. The duration of movie was of around one and a half hour. The movie depicted how suicide is not something fancy and why should one not be hesitant to seek help, but more than that the movie tells you that sometimes no matter what you do or how much you care about the other person, you just can’t control the consequences. Sometimes, the demons inside you are more frightening than the ones you face in the real world. It tells you how sometimes regardless of all the help one gets, it is not enough. The movie was followed by an open discussion and questions regarding the movie.

The movie was more of a shock to everyone because all of us had never thought of suicide the way it was depicted. The movie broke hearts but in the end, everyone took something new with them to their homes. This was a new experience for everyone and this event was a total hit amongst the students. 

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