Book review: The Kite Runner


When good overcomes the evil

The debut novel by Afghan-American writer Khaled Hosseini is one of the best novels of the decade, Chosen by THE TIMES, DAILY TELEGRAPH and GUARDIAN is a story of redemption, friendship,war; all at the same time. It is a gripping story of two friends Amir and Hassan, about the deadly war conditions of Afghanistan keeps the readers involved in the story giving them the insight of the conditions in Afghanistan.

The two young boys living in Kabul, are trying harder to win the local kite flying tournament- a popular and prestigious tournament of pastime in Afghanistan. Just like the war of competitorsin the tournament, war comes to Afghanistan making it a dangerous city to live in.

People often make sacrifices in the war to protect their country, similarly Hassan also sacrificed that day after the tournament and an act of betrayal was committed by Amir which haunts him for his entire life. Amir and his father were forced to flee to America during the war. Even though after winning the kite flying tournament that day Amir couldn’t find redemption, for which he comes back to Kabul years after to find one thing- redemption.

It is a faced paced story, making the readers aware about the situation of Afghanistan; where children have lost their childhood in early ages. It can move hardest of hearts, leaving the readers with a smile and tears, both at the same time. It also represents the great skills of storytelling. Hosseini is a very balanced writer giving a clear picture of the story.

But finally the Justice is done when Amir returns to Afghanistan and makes sacrifice he should have made years before. The good wins over the evil, despite all the odds. The war ends and Amir’s guilt came to an end in his own country where it started. But I feel that there is always hope and I feel hope and better future for the characters in the book and also for the war-torn Afghanistan.


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