Book Review: Many Lives Many Masters

“A book that will change your viewpoint towards life and help you to get a clear meaning of life and death.”
The book is written by Dr. Brian Weiss, who is a psychiatrist. The book is about the author’s experiences with his young patient Catherine, who he worked with for eighteen months and about the various truths of life and death they unravel during this time.
The story is of 1980, when the author met Catherine, a young woman who needed help with her anxiety, panic attacks and phobias. Catherine, at that time, was extremely depressed and was experiencing a lag in her relationships. Initially, Dr. Brian Weiss proceeded with the normal treatment of such psychological traits and often prescribed medications to her but none of it helped Catherine. It is then that they decided to use hypnosis as a cure procedure, as it helps to unlock the various mind gates and hence help to know and cure the reasons of her anxiety, nightmares and phobias.
But this is the decision that changed both Dr. Brian’s and Catherine’s life. Once Catherine entered the state of deep trance, her subconscious kind travelled the past lives she had lived on the planet earth in a human body. It becomes quite unbelievable for the reader to accept that any of this is true or just fiction. But as mentioned by the author, the book is based on true events.
As the book proceeds, there are various major truths of her life that are revealed by Catherine during her state of trance which help her to overcome her phobias and anxieties. She also recognises many people from her present lifetime who were there in her past lives also. The most epic turn in the book comes when Catherine experiences death in her past lives and reaches an extraordinary plane and recites the life lessons by the master souls.
This is the beauty of this book, it puts forward the point that fear of death is unnecessary and that death is as inevitable as our life on this planet. The master souls give us various life-changing lessons that help the readers to go on with their lives happily.
The book has somewhat unveiled the secret of life, death and after-life. The masters state that all us humans in our lives are meant to learn a lesson and all our lives are counted as the lesson we’ve learnt from those lives. Also, the book clarifies that the fear of being apart from our loved ones in this life is also insignificant since our souls will meet on another plane and in many other lives that we’ll live.
The book does not promote the spiritual aspects but it has beautifully unveiled the reality of life and death and that of after life. The book cites the exquisite experience by the author and Catherine, and how it helped make their lives better. It also makes the reader’s life better. No paragraphs will be enough to understand what this book unfolds. This book is a must read for every individual.

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