Book Review: Laws of the Spirit World


Spirits, paranormal sights, ghosts, possession, after life – all these seem to capture the interest, attraction and allure of an insight that happens to be completely inexplicable. The concept of afterlife has always been an avid topic that leads to making castles offascination and imagination. God and devil has always been a topic of great dichotomy. There are a lot of unanswered questions, relating to the concept of afterlife.

“Laws of the spirit world” is a beautiful manifestation by Korshed Bhavnagiri, to evoke our souls to live a highly spiritual life. The author communicates with her deceased sons who live in a third dimensional world. They met with an accident, and nowbelong to the spirit world. Throughthe medium of automatic writing, she is able to get in touch with them.

They explain howlife in the spirit world exists. What happens when we die? The souls lie in seven realms and suffer prolongedkarma. The spirit life on each level differs, and one yearns to reach the highest realm by defying all the bad karma. We take birth on earth, in order to erase bad karma and build good karma. Theawakening of our subconscious mind is the only way that can help us sail through this eternal journey. Our subconscious mind is trapped in the shackles of our physical body and earthly affairs that do not allow us to widen our horizons and see things the way they are.

One can awake the subconscious mid by adopting peace, and positive lifestyles. Difficulties and worries are the things that we ourselves choose, to end our karma faster. There exists a twin of our soul in spirit world that guides us and helpsus get out of this- but we can communicate with it only through our subconscious being. There exists no destiny. Our present is responsible for our future. Infact, we choose the date of our deaths ourselves. There is no religion, but only one God that provides us with free will. Suicide and murder are not the plans of the God. Suicide is the biggest sin in the eyes of God, because the life which is given to us, was retarded by us. We are the ones responsible for ourselves.

Lead your lives with positive karma and try ending all sins committed by you. The connection that the book creates is so warm and magnetic, that one feels connected, and one’s perception of the world automatically changes. The book is a guide, but you need to be the traveler on the eternal road.

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Ritika Duggal (SD College 32)

Dreams don’t work for themselves you need to work for them. Hello, I Ritika Duggal is a writer as well as an illustrator.i love putting art in my words.Being an admirer of nature I carve them in my writings .I believe in listening more than speaking because my words speak on their own.


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