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Hush Hush, IS a supernatural thriller by Becca Fitzpatrick. Story revolves around a high school girl Nora Grey, whose life seemed pretty dull and simple until Patch Capriano shows up. He turns her life upside down, making it anything but normal. Series of events make it hard to trust Patch when Nora is stalked and almost murdered . With all the tension growing, Nora stepping up as a victim/hero is the tangible to a reader’s mind. Fitzpatrick seemed to be confused in coming up with one thriller so it ended up with a story upon another.

Time and again ,readers can see a shadow image of Twilight Saga in this novel. Patch the dark hunky handsome with a hidden identity.  A simple girl with nothing extraordinary suddenly becomes centre of the drama.

Another fall in novel occurs because of too many characters showing there negative sides let it be Elliot or Vee (admit it she’s a crappy best friend). Through out the novel a grim atmosphere is maintained with attacks or death or provocative acts.  Honestly the novel does not live up to its perfectly hypnotizing cover of Patch hanging mid-air with his wings all over the place in the darkness. “Don’t judge a book by its cover” seems to fit quite right in here. On the plus side Fitzpatrick did manage to capture attention in scenes of sexual tension and confrontations.

.“You’re a guardian angel now.” I was still too much in awe to wrap my mind around it, but at the same time I felt amazement, curiosity…happiness.

“I’m your guardian angel,” he said.

“I get my very own guardian angel? What, exactly, is your job description?”

“Guard your body.” His smile tipped higher. “I take my job seriously, which means I’m going to need to get acquainted with the subject matter on a personal level.”

Readers will surely love the nagging chemistry between Nora and Patch. Being inspired by Biblical references of fallen angels and guardians proved to be a hit for the readers. Fitzpatrick has written three more novels continuing the series with more such events and drama.

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