Book Launch: ‘Abandoned– The Dark Reality of Homeless Women’


‘Abandoned– The Dark Reality of Homeless Women’, a book that documents the everyday struggle of homeless women, was launched by  Mr. VP Singh Badnore, the Governor of Punjab at PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry on January 23rd, 2017. The author of this research book is Dr. Satinder Kaur Sachdeva, presently a guest lecturer at PEC University of Technology. The Inspector General of Police, Punjab, Miss Gurpreet Kaur Deo graced the occasion as the guest of honour while the author’s mentor Prof. Rajesh Gill, Fellow PU Senate and Former Chairperson of Sociology, PU was the special guest.

The event started with the singing of the national anthem followed by the introduction of Dr. Sachdeva by her college friend, who shared the inspiring life story of the author. Raised by a single mother, Dr. Sachdeva got married early. But after 19 years of marriage, she decided to follow her dreams and got enrolled in the MA programme at Panjab University and with the support of her husband and children; she recently completed her PhD, proving that age is no bar for learning and education. Using her extensive knowledge and her desire to help homeless women gripped with domestic and other forms of abuse, she undertook this research. Her mentor and aide, Prof. Gill voiced her appreciation of the sheer dedication of the writer and commended the immense hard work and persistence it took to get the victims to open up.

Dr. Sachdeva, herself, shared her experience of working with these women and their heart rending plight. Exploited by their own family members, these women had nowhere to go. In these scenarios, short stay homes and shelters maintained by government and other NGOs came to their rescue. It was in here that the author met these women and spent major part of her days. Dr. Sachdeva got tearful recounting some of the harsh incidents of abuse faced by the victims. Her speech also focused on how the third gender was often denied basic rights and opportunities. Next, the IG of Punjab took the stage to share some instances from her career where she dealt with cases of domestic violence. She emphasized the importance of short stay homes and applauded the contribution of Dr. Satinder in bringing attention to the cause of the homeless women.

After the official launch of the book, some of the author’s friends from the transgender community and acid attack survivors vocalised their opinions on how they expect the society to be more inclusive, respectful, sensitive and most importantly, equal. And to achieve this, Dr. Satinder along with her family and friends announced the opening of ‘Seher’, an NGO which will work towards the development of all genders, and its logo was unveiled.

Finally, the honourable governor took the stage to congratulate the author on the book and complimented her on bringing this highly sensitive issue to the centre stage. He stressed on the significance of awareness and how education is the most important tool to help achieve this. He motivated everyone to stand united and work towards the safety of women everywhere. His speech marked the end of a highly informative and inspiring programme.

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Rupal Chopra (Dept. of Economics, PU Campus)

Rupal Chopra (Dept. of Economics, PU Campus)

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