Located in the ever so entertaining sector 9,we have probably the first health kitchen concept in Chandigarh. Called “BON NORRITURE – the health kitchen”, this not very colossal but exquisite restaurant has beautifully decorated walls which draw the attention of their customers as soon as they step foot in. Covered with pictures and quotes the walls add up to the beauty of the place itself, not to forget the crossword on the glass window.
The people here firmly believe in healthy food and that’s what they serve. An interesting and rare thing you gape at is the way BON NORRITURE has mentioned the amount of carbohydrates, fats and proteins in each of their dishes and shakes. Might help the health conscious after all!
On my last visit here I was able to gulp a bowl of Cottage cheese steak, which was a blend of flavorful sauce and spices. Served with salsa sauce, cheese steak is as the restaurant promises a very healthy meal. Vegetables give it a colorful look and nutritional value. Cottage cheese steak enriches your body with 20/21 gms. Of protein.
Served in a bowl along with salsa sauce the healthy food doesn’t disturb your taste to take care of your health.
Bon Nourriture serves both Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian, and the non vegetarian line of dishes gets more interesting though the carbs get high. For the gym lovers isolate and whey shakes are on the shelf too.
Grab a seat at BON NORRITURE next time you go through sector 9 and let the continental flavors sink in.

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