Body Shaming, A Form Of Abuse


“You are so fat, don’t you think you should eat less?”, “You should get some fat on your bones, you really look very skinny”, “Oh My God, are these stretch marks on your legs”, “Wear light coloured clothes, your skin looks much lighter that way”. These are just some examples of body shaming, which everyone seems to portray.

The set examples of “standards of beauty” set up by the society and the mentality of people in a way forces many people to change and mould themselves, in order to fulfill these “set standards”. All over the country and the globe, there has been an unseen wave of people trying to achieve these unrealistic body standards. From Gigi Hadid’s recent Vogue Italia cover, wherein her skin got photoshopped and looked a lot browner than her real skin complexion, to the unrealistically “zero size” models on the covers of major Indian, as well as foreign, magazines. Flawless skin as portrayed by many models, with no acne or pimples is also very a cause of distress for many. The thing which needs to be kept in the minds of magazine editors and others who are part of the team responsible for its issue is that most of their readers are ordinary women. Many may be working and many may be homemakers, a lot of these readers are also teenagers, who after reading these magazines get perturbed by their looks.

Body height under 6 feet, thin and slim, being fair complexioned, are just a few of the standards of beauty, set by the Indian society to be considered beautiful. It is nothing abnormal for a person to not have all the above characteristics. Some women may be tall but may be dark-skinned, some may be healthy and be on the heavier side but may be fair complexioned.

Even many celebrities have been on the receiving side of many such stereotypes, from Sonakshi Sinha being categorized as “plump”, to Parineeti Chopra losing weight, so as to get more roles in Bollywood. Many major fashion houses like Chanel and Versace are saying NO to many zero size models.

Being fat and being fit are completely different things. Every person must be fit and should lead a healthy lifestyle, but abusing a person for being overweight or obese is very wrong on many different levels. With many women coming out of their shells and being confident, many have overcome these standards and love themselves for who they are. Natural beauty is the real beauty which needs to priced, changing yourselves to meet any beauty standard is completely useless and wrong. People must understand that beauty is not judged by how you are from outside, but true beauty lies inside.


Sharol Shibu – Jesus and Mary College, DU


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