BMS exam left students of B.COM baffled


“First sight at the question paper astonished me. Paper was out of pattern and the questions too were difficult. This paper has really de-motivated the students. The exam should be re-conducted and University should consider the recommendations made by the students.” said Garima Khanna, BCOM student of MCM DAV College for Women.

What she said is just an overview of the shock that the BCOM second year students of Panjab University and its affiliated colleges were in, following the Business Mathematics and Statistics(BMS) exam on 12th December 2015.

The students were baffled as they went through the question paper, just to realize that it had many questions which were beyond the prescribed syllabus. With the paper divided into various sections, Section A was totally not in accordance to the pattern, Section B had 5 application-based question against the limit and Section-C had 5 theoretical questions and one practical question, instead of the usual combination of 2 theoretical and 4 practical questions.

Utter chaos prevailed as the students took the three hour exam, complaining to their center controllers regarding the error. On the directions provided by the controllers, written complaints have been filed by the students through their respective college heads.

Reflecting upon the depth of the situation, Ishani, another student of MCM DAV college said, “Paper should have been set according to the pattern. Difficulty of the paper was actually not the problem but the issue was that most of the questions were out of the syllabus.”

Given the current scenario of confusion and despair prevailing amongst the students, it is obvious that even good preparation couldn’t rescue them from the situation. On the same note, it is expected that the university will consider conducting the examination again. Clearly, the recommendations of the students should be taken into account and the department head should be held answerable for such a question paper reaching the examination centers, even after levels of supervision.

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