Blue and Black


I fell in love with a man,

And he was a painter,

He painted me,

Blue and Black.

What are your favorite colors,

They ask me.

I tell them-

Blue and black.

Now, they want to know the reason of my choice;

I tell them-

Because the color of my skin is blue.

And because his heart is black.

They are looking at me gravely now,

And I am telling them that the color of love is,

Blue and black.

I can see the look of sympathy in their eyes.

Every night, he beats me to Blue and Black.

And the next morning,

I have to pretend,

That I walked into furniture so the suspicion could end.

All I ever feel is the never ending sadness,

And this deeply rooted darkness,

Of my soul.

Because the color of love is blue and black.

Mornings next to the nights of making love to him,

Are Blue and Black.

I am looking at the reflection of my naked body,

Half of it is blue,

And the other half is black.

This is the instant that makes me realize,

That my whole life will be,

Blue and Black.

And you never forget to paint my back with your mistress’

Cruel colors- Blue and Black.

And if, my skin is blue and your heart is black,

Then why do they tell everyone,

That the color of love,

Is red?

The color of love is drowning blue and sinister black.

And it cannot save you.

I drowned,

And so will you in color of Blue and Black.

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About the Poet:

Divisha Singh (DAV College 10)

Divisha Singh (DAV College 10)

A turmeric-scented brown girl. Psychology lover. Lover of love. Ambivert. Surviving on hope and Ice-cream. Loves Twenty-one pilot and Jagjit Singh. An annoying sister and loving daughter. You will find me in Chandigarh, constantly failing to meet you. From Banaras, the city of ghats and Shiva. Loves to travel. Amateur Writer.


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