Blood donation camp in PGGC 11 witnessed huge enthusiasm


The Red Ribbon Society along with NSS and NCC organised the first Blood Donation Camp of 2015-2016 session in the auditorium of the college. A special team from PGI under the supervision of Dr Anita shouldered the task of carrying out the process in the precise and systematic manner. The camp kicked off precisely at 0900 hrs with a swarm of students vying to get the forms.In the next half an hour all the chairs were occupied by the enthusiastic donors with each one waiting for their turn. It seems that the team from PGI didn’t expect such turn up from the students as one of the team member was caught saying that it is quite unexpected as compared to the previous year’s participation.

Thanks to the glittering notice that encouraged the students to participate extensively. Surprisingly, the First Year Students came up in large numbers.The Second Year Students came in a wish to increase their scorecard to gain the Roll of Honor and the Third Year Students comprised mostly of those who were on a verge of getting the RoH this year. The reason could be anything but the act is undoubtedly pious. In what could be seen as a remarkable improvement was the participation of far more female students this year. The students were given refreshments, certificates and gifts for their participation. Some of the students were selected by the PGI team for emergency blood donation, on the basis of the thickness of their veins, weight (60 above) and of course their will. Such students would be called by PGI and they will be given a Life Time Master Card.

There were lots of loopholes in the conducting of the whole event. The PGI team complained about the lack of proper ventilation and the nonfunctioning of ACs. They also complained about being not given any refreshment. Apart from that, there was no mike installed due to which one name had to be called again and again. Such irregularities do sour the taste of the event. Surely, it didn’t affect the spirit of the students drenched in sweat.

Prof. H S Dhanoa, the convenor of the event, applauded the students for their participation and congratulated them. He encouraged them to donate blood regularly as it is a kind act.


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