Blanket Ban on Emergency Contraceptive Pills


Contraceptive pills are remotely used as a mode for contraception after condoms. It is widely opted for by the females across the world, even in India. With its benefits at different stages in the menstrual cycle, females feel comfortable opting for it.

And in India, one of the most visited place by tourists, precisely the 47th most visited city in the world, Chennai, has banned Emergency Contraceptive Pills (ECP). What is worse than the ban is that it is not based on the legal ground.

The ban is because the Tamil Nadu Government thinks it’s not moral. This obnoxious thinking is not only leading to unplanned pregnancies but uncertain deaths due to complications in abortion. Some women tend to rely on unregistered clinics as they are cheaper and assure them complete privacy which results in further complications including death. Pointing out at least 20% of pregnancies of the city are unplanned, Dr. Gajraj (former President of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society of South India) said that, “the access to contraceptive pills would help in prevention of abortions and reduce the death rate”.

A WHO report that drew out statistics claimed that from 2005-12, India had the most number of unwanted pregnancies.

Echoing the same thought many officials pronounced statements in favour of ECP. This ban has not only proved itself hazardous but also questioned women’s dignity by violating women sexual rights. Online petition has spread contagiously yelling the above fact as no authority in this world can take women’s right away. We hope that the government takes a sensible step towards this issue and respect the dignity of a female.

If contraception is a way, then prevention is definitely better than cure.

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