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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘POLITICS’? Well I imagine a muddy pond where some pigs are playing mudslinging game. Did I say “some pigs”? Oh! I forgot to keep my views silent (I blame my fancy visualization for this mistake). Some honourable ministers might ban my imagination, ‘for it is not in accordance with our culture.’ Although the topic of consideration here shall be INDIAN POLITICS and not BAN INDIA BAN, do our politicians even pay heed to it? Why everything in our country, from Modi’s speech to even the syllabus of the children’s book, is so politicized today? Is it a new wave in political scenario or something else going on in our country?

Remembering the history lessons from the school days, I can set in my mind how Jawaharlal Nehru organized the Indian Constituent Assembly in the hope of bringing collective ideas for the betterment of the country. He hated lethargy among the members and wanted competition within to bring a newer version of India in front of this world. Wouldn’t it be heart warming for him, to see the beauty with which the political parties are working towards the welfare of our country today?

The dictionary meaning of the word POLITICS says, ‘activities aimed at improving someone’s status or increasing power within an organisation.’ I guess our politicians have gone into the literal meaning of it i.e., welfare of oneself and gain of power within their concerned party!Country is a totally separate issue now.

That one burning issue of November that is still being discussed and made trolls on is ‘ the growing intolerance in our country’. The opposition party was very upset with the attitude of the ruling party towards the minorities, while the latter was distressed over the partiality shown towards the former.

The ruling parties was busy carrying the tales of INC’s rule when ‘Muzaffarnagar Riots’ happened or ‘Kashmiri Pandits’ suffered. The influenced people were all set to put forth their opinion on the leaders of Congress who kept quiet during the 1984 Sikh riots but now stood against intolerance; public was curious to know that where did the writers go when Kashmiri Pandits were forced to leave their home, leaving behind everything from their valuable possessions to their wives?

Taking example of another such incident of the past months where blame game was high, I am reminded of how people(influenced by the opposition party) went on to question Narendra Modi as he, standing in the midst of Wembley Stadium in Wembley, London, declared India to be a ‘united nation’ when there was so much intolerance existing here already! Irony is that it were these opposition parties only who simply wasted the hard earned money of 44 crores tax payers and condemned the monsoon session to protest and show their displeasure on land acquisition bill, while on the other side they worked so hard to point out every little word PM Narendra Modi dared to utter against women in his speech during his trip to Bangladesh.

Coming back to the present, what is taking the toll on Indian politics is the irresponsibility of the parties, one in power and another in action. The opposition parties weren’t able to do anything to reduce the crime rate against women when in power, and now just to criticize, that can even go as far as demanding gender equality within the country and opposing ruling government for not assuring it. They are more cautious and see at the yonder side of the speech which generally escapes the normal human eye. The ruling party on the other side leaves no stone unturned to prick every little mistake committed by the member of the opposition party, so that they do not leave a negative impact on us.

This level of concern is indeed concerning the general public these days. It makes us question on how low our politicians can get, from any X, Y or Z political party, to choose such means to censure each other.

We organized huge debates on Dadri Lynching, Faridabad Case, and the ink attack on Sudheendra Kulkarni or for that matter even the returning of awards by different writers but no one discussed on the possible solution.

The idea behind multi-parties in the country was that one would bring out the negatives in other and keep a check that the policies or decisions adhere to public welfare. It feels that we have taken the first point to heart and played dumb to what followed after ‘and’!

This mudslinging is the top priority and the solutions lie at lowest level of their hierarchy. A ruffled situation such as this one is disturbing for a country like India which is known as the ‘Largest Democracy of the World.’

Politicians are thus rebuked and they themselves are liable for it incurred upon them. They have carved a negative image for themselves, where they look more power hungry than being public friendly. It is important for every current politician to comprehend that it is important for a country’s progress to let everyone work, to go hand in hand, to be a public servant and not a money worshiper!

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Gauri Bhardwaj (MCM College 36)

According to me, a person without the hunger for knowledge requires to have a new birth. I simply believe in four beautiful words, ‘Humility’, ‘Positivity’, ‘Passion’ and ‘Knowledge’.


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