‘Bioteknoholix 2k17’ Takes PGGC-11 For A Fun-Filled Ride

The Post Graduate Government College Sector-11 witnessed an advanced science fest, the ‘Bioteknoholix 2k17′ on April 12, 2017.
The annual science fest was started previous year by the efforts of the students of the Department of Biotechnology. This year, the students were determined to make it a fest to be remembered and indeed, the attendees would remember it. Many Chandigarh colleges participated in the competitions, while DAV-10 registered the most first prize wins.
Earlier, as a pre-event, a scientific lecture was organized by the students on the 7th April on the topics of ‘Organ Transplantation and Biotechnology Entrepreneurial Avenue’ while the main events on held 12th April.
The fest started at 9:00 in the morning with the physical registrations outside the college auditorium for the participants from various colleges. The registrations for many of the participants had already been made online. The fest offered a great range of events such as PowerPoint Presentation, Poster Presentation, Ad-Mad, Turn Coat, Dumb Charades and Inter-College Play Competition, all covering the themes related to Biotechnology.
After the registrations, the audience and the participants were seated in the auditorium and the stage was taken over by the enthusiastic and interactive anchors Adarsh Raj, Jyoti Kumar, Amrit Kaur Randhawa and Rashi Vats. The Principal, Vice Principal and the Head of the Biotechnology Department graced the event with their humble presence.
The events started with the Principal of the college, Prof J.K. Sehgal, lighting the lamps and addressing the audience with his kind words.
4Next followed an uprising speech by Arshdeep Singh Lehal from Manya, the Princeton Review in which he detailed the works of their company and how it is helping the people.
The PowerPoint Presentation started at 11:00 for which the topics were Biofuels, Transgenic Organisms, Biosensors, Probiotics, etc. The participants looked zealous as they explained their presentations to the audience.
As the presentations ended, there was a dance performance by Tarunit Singh, Aanchal Bansal and Neha Jhangra of the Biotechnology Department. Their bhangra performance left the audience roaring with a huge round of applause.
5During this time, the participants for the Poster Presentation were asked to put up their posters outside the auditorium on the boards which were to be judged by the judges. The topic for the same was Emerging Trends in Biosciences.
As the judges took their time for selecting the best posters, Ad-Mad simultaneously began which included the topics such as Organ Donation, Organic Material, Probiotic, Stem Cells and Vaccines. Many of the teams were able to tickle the funny bones of the audience with their unique and out-of-the-box ideas. The audience found Ad-Mad the most entertaining part of the event.
The audience was given a dance treat by Anoop Kumar from the host college, who enthralled everyone with his contortionist-like dance moves.
Turn-coat was quite creative and new for the students hence participation was great in number. Pros and cons of the topics including embryonic stem cells, biofuels, ethical rights, surrogacy, etc were to be stated by the participants in the specified time.
3After that, a medley was presented by Arjun Das and Anmoldeep Sandhu of PGGC-11. Then commenced the inter-college play competition in which the participants showcased their theatre skill while adhering to the theme of biotechnology all along.
The audience found the competitions remarkable as Anjali (PGGC11) remarked, “The event was good and it enlightened me on many topics of Biotechnology. Ad-Mad and Dumb Charades were specially very creative. The fillers kept us entertained and the huge audience shows the fest was worth the struggle.”
After refreshment, the vital ceremony of prize distribution was done. The first prizes winners were, Adarsh Raj (PGGC-11) in PowerPoint presentation; Vaibhav Chauhan (DAV-10) in poster making; Himanshu Sharma (DAV-10) in Turncoat; the PGGC11 team (Shruti Kohli, Stuti Jain and Anshika Sharma) in Dumb Charades; team of DAV-10 College in AD-MAD and the team from PGGCG-42 in intercollege play competition.
The prizes were awarded by Prof. Promila Malik, HOD Biotechnology Department of PGGC-11 who was extremely proud with the extent of participation from all the colleges. At last, the students celebrated their victory and resolved to bring ‘Bioteknoholix 2k18’ with a greater grandeur.

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