BioRhythm 2017 Makes A Mark After Two Years


Betiding after two years, the cultural fest of Science Department of GGDSD College, Sector 32, ‘BioRhythm 2017’, succeeded in regaining the threshold with a humongous audience on March 21st, 2017. The event was sponsored by Shoppers Stop, Score Club, Bytes, Balaji, Mandarin Hotels, SNIC-47, NFCI, Manya Tutorials, Biotech Sapiens, Va Sano, SGF, SNM IAS Academy, ESM India, The Piccadily and Guru Institute.

While various performances were taking place inside the auditorium, a series of competitions were being conducted parallel to them. These competitions, including ‘Sneaker Painting’, ‘Poster Making’, ‘Pot Painting’, ‘Fruit Carving’ and ‘Scientific Posters’ were organised in various rooms of the college.

25The fest began with a singing competition, wherein a tough battle of vocal cords was witnessed between 22 teams from 6 different colleges, including GGDSD College. This was followed by the traditional lamp-lighting ceremony and a vandana dance. A series of speeches by Dr Sajeev Soni, Convener, ‘BioRhythm 2017’; Sh. Upkar K. Sharma, President, GGDSD College Society; and Dr Bhushan Kumar Sharma, Principal, GGDSD College ensued.

This was followed by a ‘Lip Sync Competition’ which enthralled the entire audience. A total of 7 teams, majority of which were from the college itself, participated in this round. An enticing performance by Vinay, the celebrated comedian of the college, left the audience in fits of laughter.

23RJ Manav from radio channel 94.3 My FM soon took over the stage. He organised a musical extravaganza, ‘Dawat–e–Music’, where selected songs were played based on the demand of the audience. Besides RJ Manav, various other celebrities also graced this occasion. Sandeep Brar, a Punjabi singer, enraptured the audience with his exhilarating performance. Param Saini, an actor from the Punjabi movie ‘Yaar Anmulle’ also came to promote his aforementioned movie.

A dance performance lauding the significance of yoga, and a speech on the same, ensued. The audience waited in anticipation for the next event, which was a ‘Folk Dance Competition’. A total of 6 teams engulfed the audience with their various folk dances, including Bhangra, Gidda and Rajasthani Folk Dance. The hooting and thunderous applause continued as the college’s Saksham Theatre Group performed a hilarious Punjabi skit.

24Everyone sat with a bated breath as the most awaited event of the fest, ‘Adaa’ or the modelling competition commenced. After two rounds, various other performances and competitions overtook the stage. The performers of a Shadow Dance and an Instrumental Performance mesmerised the audience with their graceful moves and soulful melodies. The finales of the Singing Competition and the Lip Sync Competition were conducted.

The Chief Guests for the day, Mrs Sonia Mahajan Saraswat, Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax (Chief Guest) and Mr Abhishek Singh Sheku, Gold-Medallist in Asian Para-Cycling (Guest of Honour) were given a floral welcome. Along with Sh Upkar K. Sharma, they adjudicated the final round of ‘Adaa’, and distributed the prizes. Jagriti Pahwa emerged as ‘Miss BioRhythm‘, while Jeet Sidhu was awarded ‘Mr BioRhythm‘. Vritika was crowned ‘Miss Glamorous’, while Vivek bagged ‘Mr Glamorous’. The titles of Mr and ‘Miss Popularity’ went to Uday and Jasleen, respectively.

A captivating Cosplay put an end to the events of the day, and as a DJ took over, the students abandoned their seats for a more favourable place – the dance floor. The day ended only with the tunes of the DJ.

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