Binge worthy Netflix original of the month – ‘DARK’: A TV-series review.


The even semester has already dawned upon us and brought with it not so bright assignments, counterproductive compulsory attendance rule, ever-so –hectic events and society practices and the mounting pressure and constraints of internships. Amidst all this, the ray of sunshine seems to be the forthcoming long weekend after Republic Day. And who really minds a momentary escape from the monotonous schedule?

Great! Then here is what you need to do:

Hop into a cosy blanket, Grab a tub of snacks, get a Netflix subscription and get ready for the adventure, a cinematic experience of its own kind.

If you want to try your hands on something non-American or British, then look no further than the Netflix original, first ever German thriller drama series-‘Dark’. It’s truly a series meant to be watched late at night, with the lights off to devour it with great relish. 

The show is set in a small spooky German town, Winden, it maps the dark contours of the past, present and future of four families residing in the town, with a supernatural twist. It is far beyond the usual procedural mystery or supernatural horror story.

This mind-boggling drama will make you question reality, the 3 dimensional world around you, as you lose sense of time in this thriller time-travelling saga. The action is actually split between three time zones –2019, 1986 and 1953 (based on the 33 year cycle theory- where everything is said to be the same as it was 33 years ago; repeating itself). The captivating theme of the show can be indicated through this: THE QUESTION IS NOT WHERE, THE QUESTION IS NOT WHO, THE QUESTION IS NOT HOW, BUT WHEN?

The disappearance of two kids: Erik Obendroff and Mikkel Neilsen opens abysses that turn the concept of time on its head. The question is not who has kidnapped the children…but when. The show is commendable for its pace, and every reveal is capable of taking your breath away. During this particular scene, where a mysterious hooded figure, looking at a newspaper clip reading “Where is Mikkel?”, crosses out the first word and rewrites the headline as “When is Mikkel?”, I found myself gasping hard, almost with my eyes wide open.

This binge-worthy show truly consumes one in a pleasurable manner.

Interestingly, the disappearances coincide with weird phenomena: birds dropping dead from the sky, land of dead sheep lying around, lights wildly flickering and flashing and

Suddenly, it’s not a series about dead birds and dead children, and the question of what links them. It’s about what links past and the present.


Dark family secrets, conspiracies unfold dramatically in this ensemble series. The role of authorities, local nuclear power plant and Doppler, and that of young priest, Noah, who probably the man is causing it all keeps one on the edge of the seat constantly.

Dark has philosophical underpinnings as well, that things happen for a reason and how the environment around us is more powerful and driving us rather than the other way around.

It raises more questions than it answers. It also explores the notion of free will-are we really free to do what we want to? Can we change the past or even influence the future or are constrained by the boundaries of time and space?

To delve into the plot further, would not be possible without giving away heavy spoilers.

Bet you would be counting days, after watching season 1 until season 2 Aires!

The end is the beginning, and the beginning is the end!

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