Bhul Na Jana: The Sacrifices Of Our Brave Hearts


On February 22nd 2019, all of MCM came together to pay homage to the soldiers who lost their lives in Pulwama attack. It was exactly eight days before, when the terror attack happened on the Jammu Srinagar National Highway as a convoy of vehicles carrying security personnel were attacked by a vehicle-borne suicide bomber in the Pulwama district, J&K. The attack resulted in the tragic death of 40 Central Reserve Police Force personnel. The severity and the impact of the attack of terror were felt by every living Indian.

The initiative was taken by a team of 9 students, namely, Niharika, Palak Babbar, Tanushree Verma, Isha Jhorar, Shruti Chawla, Jahanavi Khatri, Seema Sheokand, Sunaina Nain and Radhika Sharma, most of whom hail from a family with Armed Forces family background, took it upon themselves to bring the attack to light by doing their part in paying homage to all those innocent soldiers who were simply going back home! When asked from Niharaka; what exactly did she believe this event would help with? She strongly held, that the only part we as ordinary citizens can play in helping the families of the soldiers by offering donations and at our own personal level, by understanding that their lives do matter! Respect to the members of the armed forces, for every soldier who stands at the border, who wakes up each day to make sure we sleep peacefully at night, this event was for them.

At 11 A.M. sharp in the open air theatre of MCM DAV College, the gatherings rose as more and more number of students and teachers gathered to mourn the loss that the nation and its mothers have to face every other year due to terrorist organizations. A two-minute silence was followed to pay tribute to their loss. Afterwards, the members of NCC offered a salute to the brave hearts who are no more.

Our respected Principal ma’am, Dr Nisha Bhargava, lit the candles to pay her tributes to all the jawans who were maytered on 14th February 2019 in the Pulwama attack. She spoke her words of condolences and recognized the good initiative taken by the students to bring awareness about the attack and unite us all through this medium. Candles were lit by all the faculty members at each and every soul mourned the great tragedy witnessed.

Giving a chance to the various students and teachers, who have a father or brother enlisted in the Armed Forces, tears were shed as all spoke about the hardships of waiting for that one phone call from somebody close to your heart whose chances of return are unknown. Dr. Nitasha Khehra, held forth her views and offered condolences to all the 40 maytered soldiers stating that “You have never lived until you have almost died, and for those who choose to fight, life has a special flavour the protected will never know!”

Tanisha Sankhyan, a student of MA 2ND Year Clinical Psychology, held, “We should do something for our country. Tell your brothers, those close to you that the only thing you can do to change the scenario is by joining the armed forces. Those who dedicate their lives to the country haven’t signed any contract to die. We only remember the contribution of the armed forces when somebody dies. Why can we not do something for them throughout the year? Is a death necessary to make you remember the contributions of the Army? Respect is the actual salute that all our soldiers need.” 

All those present had the honour to write a letter to the families of those soldiers who died in the attack – ‘APKE KHAT WATAN KE NAM’. Not only that but a donation box had been set up, through which all the funds collected will be given directly to the nearby CRPF headquarters.

The event truly managed to make everyone stand there united for the nation. It widened our eyes to the plight of the army officers and their families. Giving your life for the nation is definitely something that not all can do and for those who take the stand to do it by enlisting themselves in the Armed Forces, they deserve all our respect!


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Sukhbani Kand (MCM DAV 36;Campus Editor)





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