Clouds were hooting for a while,

Darkness followed it from a mile.

Humblebee gathered in its community,

There was awe from serenity.

Sheer of thunderstorm and rainy drops,

Drenched people ran towards shops.

Absurd in rainy season,

Children jumped in muddy water with their paper boat creation.

Splashing every drop, falling on their cheeks,

Humming in unison with cottony lips.

There’s a thing which keeps on asking to stay,

Underneath the clouds if you want to lay.

Sun hides it shine,

Composing songs to dim light in a line.

Clothes on their body is whirling

Just the way soaked clothes were hanging.

Beauty of joy can be seen in squirrel like eyes,

Pushing – pulling each other while making noise.

Meadows seems changing their colours,

Putting pure green blanket with pinkish and yellow flowers.

Squirrels, birds, puppies and all of them ,

To relish every drop of rain so they came.

Giggling, chuckling & probing everywhere,

Children perpetually capturing every moment as it was not to be spare.

Nostalgia of rain before autumn,

Sitting in balcony thinking of fun which was of random.

Recalling every song which we used to enchant,

But myriad of memories comes to an end.

But there is still a wish to shout, to sing, to jump, to run, to dance;

Sparkling dew touching puddles by getting chance.

So just sitting and staring at every drops of rain

Is not what I need.

There is a need to emergence of that old child

whose heart in rain used to get wild.

I am reminded by all the ways that

I enjoyed in the rain,

But that was past,

Now , I am holding my this past via a pen which is scribbling so fast.

Alas, those days have gone

Now that jubilant child inside my heart is all alone.


Pallavi Mourya- Gargi College,DU



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