Better late then never: Quick Fixes for Valentines

So it’s that time of the year again when love is in the air. Valentine’s day is just around the corner and you haven’t got your valentine a gift. AGAIN.! So to help all of you out with that, we have here a list of Quick and Easy ( And really cute, because that is the whole point of Valentines) Gifts.
 Flowers and chocolates are way too main stream and have become really boring…. it’s almost like the other person knows that they’re going to get a bunch of flowers and chocolates because their Valentine forgot to get them a gift . More over the girls are probably going to be yelling at you after valentine’s day “Tumne chocolates dee thi na….tumhari waja se mera weight gain ho gya!”(Strictly for boys) .So not giving chocolates would probably save you an argument or two.
The gifts I have lined up for you guys are super affordable and can be given to anyone and everyone. Yes, they’re really great for your valentine but can also be given to friends and family. Also if you’re planning to ask someone out for the first time, this is completely going to woo them off their feet.
1.The jar of love
This may sound cheesy but trust me it’s not even one percent of cheesy. So, all you have to do is find an old jar or bottle (preferably glass, not plastic), cut a few paper strips and write notes on them. Once you’re done, roll the strips and put them in the jar. You can add a few flower petals to the jar as well.  52 reasons I love you
Yes you’re in love, but have you ever thought of why you’re in love. Here’s your chance… tell your valentine why you love them. Reading this out when you give it would be a great idea as well. And if you read this out to your girl, I bet she’s going to end up in tears. Here’s what you need to do….take a deck of cards and punch each card in the left upper corner (make sure the card is facing downwards) paste slips of white paper on each card and write away. Once you’re done tie all the cards with a ribbon and you’re done.
love jar
2.The scented CD
What you can do here is put some favourite tracks in the CD and record a song in your own voice and put it at the end of your playlist. I know all of us aren’t born singers but it doesn’t matter how good or bad your voice is….your valentine will melt when they listen to a song that you specially sang for them. When you’re done, take a red/pink colored envelope and spray perfume all over it…once the perfume is dry, put the CD in the envelope.
3.Candles, candles and candles
Candles are basically like fire flies. So tell your valentine that they light up your world. Now, you can take a single big candle or many small candles…wrap them up in cellophane sheet and paste a note saying ‘you light up my world’. Handmade cards are trending these days so you can also paste a few candles on the cover of your card and again write the same.
4.All homemade 
This is for those of you who like to cook and bake. Bake a few homemade cupcakes. You are not going to buy cupcakes. The idea here is to focus on the cupcake decorations.  What you can do is bake three cupcakes and write I <3 U… I on the first cupcake, <3 on the second one and U on the third one. Similarly, you could also write the alphabets of the person’s name or make some hearts and flowers on the cupcakes.
5.Balloons balloons everywhere
It can’t get any easier than this….. All you need to do is write a note, put the note in the balloon and blow the balloon. Burst the balloon to find out what’s hidden inside. You can also go another step and get some gas balloons… will need a thread tied to the balloon for this one… you can tie some photos (preferably black and white ones) to the ends of the threads.
6.Our Story 
This is great if you don’t have time to think and need something last minute. If the person is into reading, this would be great! Buy a book in which the story line is similar to yours. Or you could simply gift a romantic novel….even if the persons’ read it before, re-gift it to remind him/her of how much they mean to you. You can also parcel this as a gesture of love and send a love note with it.
7.Photo Journal
You will need some photos, again black and white ones are always better but you could use coloured ones or both if you like. Take some thick paper sheets,(you can cut them to whatever size you want) punch them all the way vertically on the left side and tie them up with a ribbon, you should end up with something which you can open like a book.  Now you have two options….either you can paste the picture on the left side and write about it on the right side or you could simple paste the picture and caption it. So here’s your chance to go down the memory lane and share some old memories.
photo journals
8.For the long distance couples
It can be a real bummer when you can’t spend the day together because distance gets in your way. So what you can do is record a mini movie or story and send it to your loved one. This will surely make their day.
9.All decked up
If you completely forgot about Valentine’s Day… this is for you. Go to work/college a bit early and decorate his/her working area, locker, table or whatever you guys can think of. Also if your partner has been asking you to dress up in a certain manner for a long time…now is the time to do it… if he keeps telling you to wear a suit or if she keeps asking you to shave your beard … this is the perfect time to do it, surprise them!
decked up
10.Love letters
Yes its old schooled but it still works! There isn’t much to say here…. write a love letter and send it to your loved one, you can ask a common friend to pass it on or drop it in the mail.
I really hope that these ideas can be of some help. Also boys should try their hand at these, trust me girls love these things much more than some expensive gifts that you can buy them. 
Wishing you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day!
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