Benaam Khwahishien an initiative by RAC MCM DAV


Showing their deepest concern for the special children of the society, Rotaract Club of MCM DAV College for Women,  Sector -36, Chandigarh, organised an open Mic, singing, poetry and story telling event called Benaam Khwahishien on April 11, 2018 in the Multimedia hall of the college. Children from the Slum area of sector 38 west and SORUM participated in the event, along with the children of the non-teaching staff of the college.

The whole event was organised under the supervision of Rtr Kritika Rana, the Head of creativity of the Rotaract Club of MCM DAV College. The main idea behind it all was to give an opportunity for these underprivileged children to express themselves and be heard. Very often it happens that these children are budding with a stream of varied talents which remain unidentified due to lack of a stage,  or even lack the basic right to freedom of speech. The open mic provided to them a platform to have their thoughts be spoken out loud.

According to Rtr Kritika Rana, “The main motive of this event was to provide a platform to all  children of different section of society where they can come out of their shell of fear and insecurities. It took 19 years for me to come out of the shell of thousand can’ts. There were people who said, I can’t speak because I stammer. And I took this lie as a ultimate truth of my life. I never faced my fear. Rotaract gave me the platform to realise my inner potential and to realise the truth that, yes, I can speak. It took a longer period of time for me to come out of that shell. I don’t want this longer period of time for many children like me. And this time, I took an initiave to break the shackles of impossibilities from modern day society by an open mic of children of Sorem, slum and other section of society. Because if I’m able to fill them with courage and confidence to face the world , only then my some part of  responsibility towards society shall be considered fulfilled.”

The guest speakers was the event were, Miss Sharmita Bhinder, co-founder of the NGO EmPower. She is a Social activist working for children with special needs. Mr. Mohit Verma, a renowned Professor, known for his amazing Shayari, was also one of the guest speakers. He is working with the NGO SCEAD, an organization working for the underprivileged nomadic children. The Motivational speaker and playback singer, Deepika Sood, also visited to cheer up the young souls. Another chief guest for the event wasMr Vikas Chaudhary, a medical student and a  renowned poet of the city beautiful.

From poems like Agnipath, to songs like Dil hai chota sa and Bache hai hum nadan, an array of bubbly perfomances were given by the children. The show was utterly enjoyed by the audience members,  who included not only the students of the college but also many outsiders.

Mr.  Mohit Verma highlighted the importance of the event saying that such event, “provide freedom of expression not only by voice but also by actions.” 

On the whole it was a joyous evening, watching young children speak their heartsheart out. Every one in he audience had a big smile at the end of the event.

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Muskan Itten (MCM DAV 36)


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