Being Human or BE-INHUMAN?


Humanity results in oneness. It brings in hope and life to the downtrodden and disheartened. It is said that when peace and harmony becomes the main cause of every kind of service rendered to the nation and its people, it becomes service to God. It is really amazing to see that when an orphan gets a cuddling hand to light up his life with full brightness and tenderness, we call it a Godly gesture. How graciously a deprived lives his life with sigh of joy and bliss with rest of the humanity forgetting his sufferings, we call it Kingdom of God. We all are humans with a heart filled with kindness, sympathy and goodwill, yes that is known as humanity. But humanity is not only about maintaining a kind relationship with the society, it also means building a bond amongst every existing individual with the help of sustainable values. It is not at all about showing empathy and passion to each other at times of need but also about giving up love and concern in high esteem and goodwill in all the walks of life. Humanity is not only about civilisation and compassion but it is much beyond the orbit of human nature and his creations. It is about using hearts along with minds to rise up the existence of human kind.

Mahatma Gandhi once said, ” You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is like an ocean; if few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean doesn’t become dirty.” But we exactly do its opposite we somehow, somewhere believe that if because of few people the society gets filthy, we too get deceitful. We unknowingly ignore the immortality of human kind and regardless of which we just MOVE ON leaving things behind- unchanged and unquestioned with an obvious dispute of thoughts going on and on and on in our minds. We just never feel like interrogating those unchanged and unquestioned notions because we are afraid, afraid of being too helpful to get hurt, too kind to get mistreated and too humble to feel distorted. I can’t believe that today we humans lack something which is an invasion by us only, something that made our parents sorted with life and lives but today’s generation is more indulged with oneself not realising that without each others support and assistance we are incomplete. Believe it or not when we sit alone in silence near a window having a hot cup of coffee and recalling moments of life we miss someone’s existence, we miss people around. We think that we can live life alone but on an obvious note we just can’t. We see people in pain but we suspect not to interfere. We see them in tears but we assume that they will be fine. The reality is they need someone around with whom they can sit, talk and outburst every emotion of life. But its so sad to see that we let people cry, we let them be in pain, we ignore someone’s existence. Humanity has to be full of love and harmony.
“Spreading love and good vibes, that’s what humanity is all about.”

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Anmol Kak

Anmol Kak (Mass Com, PU Campus)

I love watching movies, dancing, exploring new things, observing people around. Music is something without which life is incomplete. I dislike fakeness and diplomacy. I believe in living every bit of life. Be mad. Be crazy. Be your own kind of individual. Stay happy, stay beautiful is what i emphasis on.


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