Because sun never sets on educated nation


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”- Nelson Mandela

This world is plagued with innumerable vices. From rapes, murders, acts of human rights violation, corruption, exploitation  to inequality discrimination, infanticide, dowry deaths and female feticide; words fall short to describe the pathetic state of affairs that our country has fallen in. While it was known as the golden bird once upon a time, do we stand anywhere today as a nation?

Yes, we do! We stand on the first position when it comes to being the most unsafe place for women. Our capital is called the “rape capital of the world“. We rank 87th on the corruption perception index and  out of the world’s 872.3 million people below the poverty line, 179.6 million people are Indians. In other words, India with 17.5% of total world’s population, has 20.6% share of world’s poorest. This is what we stand at as a nation.

What we need today is CHANGE! India needs a REVOLUTION! A revolution to eradicate crime, to alter perspectives and increase tolerance, to fight the maladies that have polluted the social, cultural and economic strata of India. That is the revolution that we require!

But wait.

Can you see it coming? The Great Indian Revolution?


The question staring us in the face is, WHY?

And as simple as the answer is, it is all due to lack of education!
The problem is that despite of having the youngest population-composition and the fastest growing population in the world, millions of Indians do not even have the basic knowledge of health and hygiene, let alone knowing about technology and communication. And this is all because of lack of awareness, that can be dealt but only with EDUCATION!

Education is a change and that is why it is a remedy. It brings within its shade awareness, opportunity, mindfulness and broadens the horizon of the human mind. It capacitate us not only to contribute to the nation on the economic front, but also leads to the all-encompassing development of the individuals, that is essential for us to grow as a nation. Education thus, is one of the primary needs of a human being to get empowered as an individual, qualify to take action and attain a fire-like will to change the world.

After all, revolution does not always demand sword and blood, all that is required is that education be imparted to each one.

Being 1.252 billion people, the goal is itself huge. To educate a population even half of this figure is expensive, time consuming and gruesome too. Despite the government’s effort it might just take ages to happen.

But if we, the educated and the privileged ones shoulder the responsibility of sowing the seed of education, the goal too extensive for the government will be too easy to achieve for us. One man indeed can’t do what ten can! Thus, on the eve of this National Education Day on November 11th, if each one of us educate even a single child, the consequences would be phenomenal!  And quite certainty the consequence would bring a REVOLUTION TO THE NATION.

Everyday, we scream for change. Today we have to be THAT change.
It is time to stop thinking and start doing. Because sun never sets on educated nation and if India becomes one, we would be our own sun!

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