Again saw  some women, changing their clothes

Busy road, construction is going on.

Some passer-by wondering about her body,

Some wondering about her situation.

Building high buildings,

But can’t get an enough room to bath;


Because she is a Labourer.

No timid in her eyes

But pain,

Pain of holding bricks,

Pain of hiding in abyss,

Pain of myriad reasons to work,

Pain of toiling herself everyday,

But again, keeping this pain aside,

She try and try;

Try to change dreary world in colourful world.

Outside she helps in construction

Inside she is facing a huge destruction;

One side she helps in development

Other side she is breaking herself into fragments,

Working harder everytime

No matter if its rain, cold, snow or summer time.

Blurry eyes, hazy view;

Tired face, nothing new,

Dream still keep on shinning in her eyes;

Dream of dressing herself with ornaments like every other lady,

Dream of seeing her children with comfortable life,

Dream of buying new sarees and bangles,

But she chose to

Cement her whole dream;

by putting bricks on them;

Nest palm that of arrived petals,

Easily become stiff that of metals;

Taking leave is no option

” I am a person too not a robot ” she needs this caption;

Even after tearing her body for whole day,

“Oh ! God keep my family always happy ” she thinks this way;

Every Morning dull morning, life wave;

Still one hope, one desire for which she used to crave.

About the author:

Pallavi Mourya- Gargi College, DU


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