Beat the ‘X’ factor out of the eXams


Are you one of the 70% of students who study at the last minute? If yes then I’m sure, as the exams are approaching, the chills through your spine have only begun! You all must be worried about how to organize all that syllabus you have to cover and how to memorize so much information, only to add to this pain if you are one of the people bearing semesters as it go through. I’m luckily one of those belonging to the last annual batch of Arts. (Boo?)
But hey, semester or annual, exams are exams! And it doesn’t get better when they peek from a closer distance. So here are some tips on how to get going with your studies at the very last minute:


First things first. Research the most important topics of the syllabus taking help from last year question papers or consult your senior friends. It will help you decide what to give your full concentration to and that will save your time.
Cramming is not such a good idea as there is a lot of information at the last minute and it’s not possible to remember all of it, word to word. Also, research has shown that we tend to remember the first few and the last few points of what we have learned. Imagine yourself jotting down a mixture of concepts in the examination paper. Perhaps something like just when Mahatma Gandhi left India to study in England, India claimed its freedom (no offence though)! And trust me mate, doing something like that might just get you on the gun point of encounter specialists, not to mention that your parents might just disown you too!
When we try teaching, the topics get revised multiple times and it definitely strengthens your memory. The more you discuss a topic among your friends, the more it tends to remain in your head during exams. If you prefer studying alone, pretend you are teaching your teddy bear, or your pet for that matter. It works the same way. Not that we we saying that a friend is same as your teddy bear or your pet, but yes, if considering so helps, why not?
If you want to effectively recollect what you’ve studied during revision, then marking points is a good strategy. They are easy to retain and will help you elaborate well on the topic in exams.
A sufficient night’s sleep is very important. It keeps our brains fresh and energetic the next day. Many of us pull off all-nighters but that is generally not healthy. Plus, it is said that we remember those things which we learnt before sleeping.

Short and easy, right? So lets work smart along with working hard this semester! All the best!

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Mihul Narad (MCM College 36)

Mihul Narad
(MCM College 36)

Currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Psychology from MCM DAV College. An avid reader with an immense love for dancing. I enjoy music, poetry and art


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