Be hot as Summer!

With spring-summer knocking around the corner, it’s time to brace ourselves and be hot-temperature-ready this 2016!
Here are some BASIC tips for everyone to conquer this summer. 
  • BODY ODOUR :- 


Summer time means hail body odour. Combat this problem by taking a shower daily followed by using an anti- perspirant. Maintain your hygiene by keep tracks of your waxing dates. Top it off by using a perfume or a body spray and keep a mini size bottle of it in your bag.

  • MANE TAME :-

summer hair

Changing weather signals change in scalp temperament. From itchy scalp to frizzy hair, tame and treat them by following a proper hair care routine which pampers your tresses. Know your scalp and hair type, coconut oil might not be everyone’s savior.

  • SUNBURN :-


No, not the concert. The actual red rash and burn that develops as an aftereffect of spending too much time in the sun. Soothe that by using Aloe Vera gel. You can also freeze the gel in an ice cube tray for easy application.



Summer has the potential to not only melt your makeup products but to also melt your make up lathered face. Be humidity-proof by investing in waterproof make up products so, that your face remains flawless.



To achieve and retain that summer glow, drink loads of water and indulge in home made face-packs. Make sure you make judicious use of honey, rose water and filler’s earth.



Don’t be ashamed to embrace your body and your body issues. A little dose of positivity can help solve and conquer everything.

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