BCCI Bats For Complete Dominance

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), the richest board in the cricket world, is fighting with the International Cricket Council (ICC) over the new revenue sharing policy adopted by its chairman Mr. Shashank Manohar.
According to the new policy, all the members of the ICC will get sufficient amount of money for the development of cricket in their country. This is different from the 2014 policy which gave the lion share of the revenue to just 3 countries: India, Australia and England. The major drawback of this policy was that some of the other members of ICC did not get sufficient money to fund the expansion of the sport in their country and thus faced a financial crisis. Some of the countries which faced financial difficulties were New Zealand, West Indies and Zimbabwe. To end this discrimination (and the domination of the ‘Big Three’) this new revenue model was established.
However this policy was not welcomed by the BCCI as their share was decreased from 570 billion dollars to 290 billion dollars. Inspite of this, BCCI still gets the highest share. After strong opposition from the Indian board, Manohar even offered a new proposal offering an additional $100 million to the BCCI, thus taking its total revenue share to nearly $400 million. However, the BCCI remained adamant.
The richest Indian sporting body tried to garner support against this new framework from other boards in the latest ICC conference but was not successful in doing so. And now, a majority of the members of ICC have voted in favour of the latest policy, leaving the Indian board alone. Given the recent events, it is now mulling over the idea of pull out of the ICC Champions Trophy scheduled to be held in June 2017.
This decision of the BCCI could prove to be childish because if they rebel, they lose the support of their fans as nobody would like to watch just IPL and domestic cricket throughout the whole year. Cricket fans mainly like to watch international cricket which comes under the jurisdiction of the ICC and it is because of these fans that the BCCI is able to generate its large revenue. So it needs to understand that it can’t be a dictator in the matters of the International Council and thus needs to follow the established policy in order to continue getting stable income from the widely popular sport.
It is their duty to support the ICC and not get greedy for more funds as they earn enough from the IPL, TV rights, sponsors and match tickets. One bad decision can end the rein of the BCCI and also bring a bad name to Indian cricket as well as the cricketers. They need to understand that their stubborn decision could be the end of the widely respected and adored Indian cricket team in the global arena and they can also go bankrupt. It is highly important that the board maintains the pride of their country and does not defame it with impractical decisions.

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Aarush Munjal  (UILS, PU Campus)

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