Battle the packaging, peek what’s inside!


No matter how broad minded we say we are, based on the impression, we do make presumption about others. On the basis of how they look, on the basis of how they talk or which technology they use, we judge a certain section of crowd and decide whether to interact with them or not.


We take a look at someone or something and mostly based on what we see, we cast our opinion. We time and again overlook treasures and reject them. Is this how broad minded we are?
Sometimes, the dullest of things can have the most intriguing aspects to it. But with the rapid change in the society, it seems to have been completely forgotten. Today, most of us choose to impress, rather than to express. We overlook quality, just so as to gain an impressive image in the society.

We make presumption about packaging of an item and not consider what is inside. If there is one thing that the world demands today, it’s packaging. What goes up high, is the ability to portray yourself as someone who you aren’t.

In every single aspect today, packaging matters. From our lifestyle to our home, and our choice of product to our choice of education system, all our decisions are taken considering, how it look or is seen as by the society? Or whether ‘it’ is impressive enough, or not.

Is this the society we dreamt of, where all that matter is what is outside?

Gone are those days, when our happiness played a major role, when playing in the rain was not tacky, when the place didn’t matter; when all that mattered was the people and the joy they added up to our lives. All those little joys, those little moments that would always be cherished; yes, that was all that mattered. Not being polished or dolled up and not being all impressive, were the days!
Greatest of the joys come in those little things. We must simply learn to differentiate between what is gold and what is gold platted. Because, that’s all what really matters.

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Yogitha Kaushik (SD College 32)

Yogitha Kaushik (SD College 32)

Brought up in Ooty and growing up in Chandigarh now, I love to write about people and places. Telling the untold stories, is what I like about writing.


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