Ban On Android Phones in PU and Affiliated Colleges


This Monday morning brought with itself the joys of exam termination and anticipation of the holidays but it was also an awful morning for some students, especially Android phone users. It seemed that happiness for them was short-lived because they were left dumb-founded when they came across the student notice which read, “Prohibition of Android Phones in PU Campus & Affiliated Colleges”

An air of tension instantly spread across the campus, lined with agitated students. Many of them were not ready to believe what they saw or heard to be true, considering it to be a prank by some student. But it was confirmed by one of the students that this was indeed sanctioned by the authorities and was not a prank. The news about the ban on phones spread like wildfire and created immense chaos among students.

The notice stated that, “Because of the damage caused by the explosion of the phone(the brand cannot be named) of one of the UILS student in the campus, the management has decided to ban all android phones in campus.” It further explained how a form will be given to students to fill in the brand names of their smartphones and all the android phone users will have to change their phonesThis form is supposed to be filled by both students and staff.

From the beginning of next semester a special security team will be hired to keep a check in hostels for such phones. Also, a team will be appointed for all the gates where they will check the visitors and the visitors with Android phones will have to submit their phones on the gate itself and collect them afterwards.

The notice included a warning for android users saying, “Android phone found in possession of any students or teacher, after February 6, 2018, shall be confiscated and the owner shall be fined Rs. 1,000.”

There was a girl in crowd of students reading the notice who had just bought a new phone the previous day and was extremely cross over the decision of prohibition. One of the members from the administrative office, who cannot be named, said, University has come up with this decision of ban for betterment of students. Though I also use an Android phone but as per rules and considering student’s safety I’m okay with the decision.”

Now students who think that this is not a right decision on the part of Punjab University, have started a ‘flashlight march’ in which people from tri-city are joining students, wielding smartphones with their flashlights on and screaming “ANDROID ZINDABAD”, to oppose the decision of the University . Student political parties are deliberating over going on a hunger strike to get the authorities to revoke this decision. 

One of the members from a leading student-party said, “This ban is grossly illogical. Smartphones are an essential part of our lives, we cannot be asked to give them up altogether. We are not school students anymore.”

This decision by the University has created a lot of friction between the students and the management, the like of which was witnessed during the fees-inflation issue.

DISCLAIMER: Before you land on the road for  justice I just want say that this article is a result of the writer’s imagination. Bogus Bulletin is our section to present some believably fake news. Writer herself is an Android phone user and is regularly tagged in endless memes making fun of such phones by her fellow iOs-user mates! 

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