‘Baker’s Day Out’ put icing to the cause


Photography by Shaurya Dhahiya (MCM College 36)

The aroma of baked goods was apparent even before entering the room. Twelve working tables for the chefs were surrounded by washbasins, ovens of various sizes, food weighing machines and what not. Such was the baking workshop, ‘Baker’s Day Out’ organized by Make A Difference and conducted by Ms. Vimmy Mahajan in the Hotel Management Institute, Sector- 42 on April 24th, 2016.

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The workshop started off with everyone introducing themselves; some aspiring bakers, some foodies and some both of these two. Donning their chef-headgear, they received clear cut instructions to always keep their work-space clean.

Ms. Vimmy started off with the method of making icing. She gave pointers regarding the various brands  of heavy cream, which could be used for the same. She proceeded to give insightful suggestions on the same. Explanations from the state of the heavy cream, to the state of the instruments were given thoroughly.

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Next, the participants were divided into teams of three and provided with material to make their own icing. Various patterns of icing were explained to the participants. Prior to this, they were taught the basics of filling and handling an icing bag and cones to be fitted in them.

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The workshop took a fun turn, as everyone was glued to one workstation and practicing icing techniques. Later they were taught the method of blending food colour with icing (in which one should avoid actual blending). Filling up the icing bags with coloured icing, participants enjoyed decorating the pre-made chocolate cupcakes.

Ms. Vimmy, who has been in the education line for the past seven years, says that she will pursue her passion of baking, which she has been doing for two years in a row now. She has a home based setup in Sector-11, Panchkula and calls it ‘The Cupcake Village’.

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When asked about tips for aspiring bakers Ms. Vimmy Mahajan said, “Patience is essential for baking. Things can require from five minutes to fifty minutes of attention. You have got to be patient and learn to wait.”

On and all, it was baking for a cause. And no sugar can blend the taste as the pious cause can.

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