Back to 20: Where the old tackle youth again!


The only reason I had watched this Chinese movie, “Back to 20” was because Luhan (My favourite!) was one of the main cast. However, as I progressed through the minutes, the realisation that followed was that regardless of it being a movie from another country, the message was universal.

A 70 year old woman living with her son, daughter-in-law and two grandkids, this story goes a long way. Portrayed as the stereotype mother-in-law, she has the habit of nagging her son’s wife. When she (the daughter-in-law) collapses one day, it is decided that the Grandma must be sent to an old-age home. The only person who resists this decision is her grandson (Luhan).

“One day she will send you there too, Dad!” These are the lines that he says angrily, followed after his sister’s agreement with the decision.

The hypocrisy of the Father is astounding, he being a professor who often gives lecture on the importance of respecting elders. The Grandma crushed by her family’s decision goes along with it anyway. However, fate intertwines in the way and following a series of events the Grandma finds herself in a photo shop. Not only that, she emerges out as a twenty year old! Her journey after that is filled with hilarious moments, as she tries to make her Grandson’s band a success.

With the Grandson being smitten by her 20 year old form (without knowing who she really is), an old friend’s true love and a cute producer falling for her, the poor woman has a hard time hiding her secret.

The movie offers both sweet moments as well as sad ones. The message it delivers is that, while elders are not always amicable, they are also not always irritable. Just like us!

Summing up the entire article and I have only two words: WATCH IT!

PS I have three recommendations. One, watch it with English subtitles preferably, because I am sure not everyone knows Mandarin (like me!). Two, keep your ears open as the soundtrack is amazing! And three have a box of tissues ready at the end. Trust me you will need it!

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