Back-bench is all it takes!


There are pros and cons of everything. This time, what we talk about is the much enjoyed fact of being a back-bencher! (*wink*)

To us, the students, back benches offer solace that our beloved teachers have forgotten about. Just because of this, they seem to be jealous and ask us to come to the front seats. TORTURE!!!!! Somebody save us.
1. Whole class in your front!

point 1
You will be able to notice anything and everything that happens inside the class. From your friends cheating, to using phones. O yes, take pride, you know it all!

2. Time is money? No, time is exam!

pont 2

If you get the back seat during exam, you are as hit hard by luck as kissed close by it. Pros, you will get enough time to take papers from others. Ta da!


You will be in a bad position though, if the teacher gets to know what you are up to. You should know that if it happens, you’re half dead in the hall.


3. Be a Sherlock Holmn in reverse!

point 3

You can hide things with ease (*Phone-hiding spree*), without anybody noticing. Much a sherlockian trait? Well no, trust me, it isn’t.


4. No turning back, Please.

point 5

Since, you are already at the last, you don’t have to bother about turning back.

Mein piche murke nhi dekhta” swag reinvented, what say?
5. Sleeping time

point 4

Sleep. Sleep all the time you can. Yes, unless the teacher comes back, you can always sleep with ease.
CONCLUSION- Back-benchers rock!

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