On September 13th 2015, nonprofit
organisation Make A Difference (MAD) organised a
in Chandigarh at ‘Tau Devi Lal Stadium’ between 7:00am9am.
The event,
organised nationwide across 23 cities in India, was held with the agenda of connecting
the society back to its children by sensitising the community about the conditions faced
by childrenatrisk
who live in shelters.
Though MAD has been working on empowering children through its programs like Ed
Support (academic support at a school level), Discover (career and self awareness) and
Propel (transition and institution in colleges/vocational courses) for the past eight years,
the organisation strongly feels that for a child to be truly rehabilitated in the society, the
ecosystem the child lives in (which includes schools/shelters/society at large) needs to
be more invested in these matters.
Shelter homes across the country face multiple challenges ranging from financial crunch,
staff quality, lack of emotional support for the children. Along with these, the
stigmatisation of vulnerable children and the shelters poses an additional challenge to
this already precarious situation. The budget for child related schemes in the Union
Budget 201516
has dropped by a massive 29%.
With the aim of raising awareness about these existing issues, MAD held a
across 23 cities on 13th of September 2015. BackAThon,
unlike the more
popular marathon, is an event in which participants walk backward in a uniform fashion.
More of a social gathering than a sporting event, the backward walk signifies an intent to
stand in solidarity with the children at risk in our country who have been relegated to a
backward position in the society.
The city witnessed 700 of its residents coming from varied walks of life come together
and partake in this event. The organisation was also joined by people from
organisations/schools like GlobalShapers,Ashray, & mamy more, who joined hands in a
collaborative effort to direct the society’s attention to the precarious conditions of these
children and the shelters they live in, an issue which often takes a backseat in discussion
“700 is a huge number. It was so overwhelming to see such a splendid response of the
people at the wee hours of the morning. This is just selfexplanatory
to say that the
society is all out to bring the change. It wants to push the evils backwards. We just need
to aware the community about it. And event like these, help us do better. People are
ready to Make A Difference”, says Rimjhim Bathla


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