B.A. Freshers kick-start college with a bang


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Hardeep Singh

B.A. III (English Honors), SD College 32


The Department of Humanities, GGDSD College, Chandigarh, organized a Freshers’ Party for the first year students in college. The name of the Freshers’ party was ‘Serendipity’ which means ‘the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way,’ because we find friends in a new place mostly by chance. The event commenced with Ishita Chopra of B.A. III welcoming the teachers and students. The welcome address was followed by a Vandana by Kibria of B.A. II in order to receive the blessings of the Almighty for the new comers in college.

There was a variety of performances by students of second and third year which truly enthralled the audience. Surbhi of B.A. II sang a retro song, which was followed by a soulful song by Shrutika who sang ‘Shayad yahi hai pyar’. Eventually, dark horses like Shrutika showed their talent to the world today. Then, Mr. Bhushan K. Sharma, the Principal of GGDSD college, and Mr. Balraj Thapar, the Dean of Cultural activities, were welcomed by the students with a bouquet of flowers. Then, the much awaited first round of modeling for Mr. and Miss Fresher commenced. We witnessed girls in sparkling attire and boys in their dashing suits. In the first round, the students were judged on their walk, confidence and presentation. Each student gave a short introduction about him/ her.

After the first round, we had fillers, wherein Avani Mehra of B.A. II mesmerized the audience with her intense voice. We also had the Gidda group of our college perform in their gaudy costumes and with their bright faces and strong voices. Then, the Dramatics Group of SD College, ‘Sarv Saksham’ performed a thought- provoking play outlining the perils of peer pressure and drug addiction which have plagued the lives of the youngsters. The play had Kibria, Hardik and Bhavdeep, all of B.A. III, in lead roles, and was well received by one and all. Aanand Priya and Anmolpreet of B.A II, the ‘Salsa couple’ of our college also entertained the audience with their energetic dance moves. Then, the second of Mr. and Miss Fresher started, wherein ten participants were short- listed and were asked questions. The students gave quick responses to the questions hurled at them, which highly impressed the audience. Ultimately, Gauravpreet Singh and  Gurnaam became Mr. and Miss Fresher respectively. Archit and Aman were the First Runners Up, and Harpreet and Jessica were the Second Runners Up. The audience cheered their lungs out for the winners.

Baljeet and Vasu of B.A. III, then entertained the audience by their soulful musical performance, which sent everybody in a trance. Sahil Kumar of B.A. III gave the most befitting end to the evening by his stand- up comedy, wherein he poked fun at the community in Haryana, from where he belongs. The Freshers’ party concluded with the DJ playing Punjabi numbers and students matching the beats with their dance moves. Evidently, this was the best Freshers’ party that has ever been organized by the Humanities Department at SD College, and this day, would be cherished by all the students, in general, and by the First year students, in particular. Here’s hoping that they spend the best three years of their life at our college.


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