Autumn In My Heart


There’s something special about autumn; in the way winter slowly sets in, the sun starts feeling warm and nice, smell of that ol’ traditional hot chocolate excites you, about how the leaves under your hammock make you realise that letting go is not a bad thing after all, and sometimes it takes the most broken things and most wounded things to make who you are. That you are going to miss knocking opportunities ’cause you are too tired to open the door and that’s okay. Though this is the season of letting go, beautiful thing about it is that in letting go you find yourself. Fall makes you fall in love, with you. The season that makes you a writer, the kind whose words compliment the warmth of a bonfire and goodness of that good ol’ cup.

So this autumn, let go. Let go of what makes you weak, let go what rips your soul apart, let go of ‘you’, the hurt ‘you’ and the broken ‘you’.

Autumn is the most beautiful season that tingles the soul. Let’s all say, this time; it’s the autumn in my heart.

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Devika (UILS, PU Campus)

(UILS, PU Campus)

A Conflicting Contradiction within herself. Amateur Writer. Knitting feelings into words since eternity!



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