Autumn diaries


As the wind unruffles her locks,
The raindrops kiss her cheeks,
The sound of the chuckles of the fallen foliage,
Harbingers the arrival of the season of falling leaves.

The muddy aroma pleases her soul,
Breathing in all the beauty in one go,
Trying to hold on for as long as forever,
Soaking it in to the very pores.

The melody of wind lifts her spirits,
Fills her heart with ecstasy and joy,
Makes her fall in love with autumn,
The season of dusky sky.

Once again she falls for it,
The mesmerising beauty surrounding her.
The face of earth covered all over,
A veil of shades of golden and brown.

The cool breeze confides in her,
Secret which intrigued her every moment each day,
As to how is nature at it’s best,
When the best of it is shedding away.

The wind reverberates and unfolds,
The misconceptions humans hold
As to what’s lost is lost forever
And what’s gone is gone
What goes away, comes back again.
What’s lost, is restored in a much better way.
Old has to go for the new one’s to take its place,
New will only bloom when the old ones are replaced.

About The Poet

Anmol Sandhu

Anmol Sandhu (UILS, PU Campus)

Pursuing Bcom.L.L.B.(H) from Punjab University, Chandigarh. I’ve done my schooling from Bhavan Vidyalaya, Chandigarh. I love singing and I am a lot into literature and classics. I have always had my inclinations towards writing as I find it a very beautiful way to express one’s heart and mind. 


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