Auditions For Karan Johar’s Movie Held In Panjab University

The session of 2018 has arrived with surprises and has brought blissful vibes with it. Punjab University witnessed the unexpected in this session, Selection of first female University President is not it. There are many more exclamation marks waiting to be fitted in expressions of scholars of this University.
So, the ice breaking news after elections is something which has not happened in University before. From sources, we came to know that auditions for second lead role female actress for a Bollywood based movie are being organised on campus.
Yes, we know this is not that huge but what if we say that these auditions are for the upcoming movie of a well-known director in Bollywood Industry who has given us multiple evergreen movies like “Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham”, “Student of The Year” and many more. You got it absolutely correct, these auditions are being held for the upcoming film of Karan Johar, all-rounder of Bollywood Industry. As he is known for promoting nepotism so, to wash off this tag from his forehead he wants to launch a new face in his next movie.
This is not it, the next thing which might shock you more is that his next film is a romantic sci-fi for which they are looking for 18 to 23 years of a girl with a science background who knows a bit of Punjabi as well. A science background is required because they want the actress to relate herself to the character completely and can entertain them with her own views for the scene or topic.
They selected Punjab University for this because the production company of this movie, “The Punjab Wale Pind Productions” is co-founded by a University Graduate who wants to promote talent in Punjab. They were trying to get permission for these auditions from past 4 months which have been granted to them last week only because the administration was against giving their girls chance to work in KJo’s movie. According to them, they are worth more and Karan Johar is not wanted they deserve.
Sources who delivered this news opine that “It’s a huge thing for our University to address such a great director from film Industry. This will add remarks to the reputation of the University and will allow such things to happen quite often in the future. This will somehow promote talent and art as well”
On the flip side, one of the member from sources said, “As much we are excited about this event we are concerned and nervous at the same rate with a thought that if there will be any girl from any department willing to work with KJo and that too in a sci-fi”
Soon a notice will be displayed and a word will be spread among students regarding the same. So, its high time for girls to take out their high school science books and start revising the syllabus to be on screen. The cherry on the cake is, girls other than Punjab University that is, from other Universities can also participate.
DISCLAIMER: Whatever you just read above is just a matter of fun as the author is not that great admirer of Karan Johar. 

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