Attend Early Morning Yoga Session To Get Exemption From Attending Classes


As the International Yoga Day successfully left an indelible impact on all the citizens of our country, the Punjab University administration has decided to take a step forward for the same (though a delayed one).

As the admissions are on and the new batches will soon join colleges, the administration has made it compulsory for all PU affiliated colleges to include a yoga session in their respective orientation ceremonies. An official notice has been passed for the same.

Everyday yoga sessions will take place in the colleges from 6-8 in the morning amidst the fresh & cool environment. The students who will be regular and will perform the asanas and prayanama with full zest will be exempted from attending three lectures every day.

While throwing light on the initiative, Mr. Narendra Junior, a senior professor said to our media correspondent, “Yoga is vital for the longevity of life and rejuvenation of health. The administration met our esteemed Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi a few months back in a yoga session. They had a discussion on introducing yoga in the university curriculum.”

We are ready to miss our classes even for nothing. So who wants to miss the golden opportunity of getting three official bunks on a daily basis! Come on guys, take care your health in the morning and enjoy the rest of the day in peace without worrying about your attendance.

Disclaimer: Do not believe us on #BogusBulletin; it is our Thursday section of believably fake news. Apologies for raising your hopes, you are not getting any relaxation in your attendance.

Welcome newbies!

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Dikshi Gupta (SD College 32)

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