As long as you’re gone


Eyes well up
cheeks flood,
nails dig hard
and there is blood.
Don’t know
don’t care,
fire’s burnt out
lost its flare.
Heart numb
beats dead;
mind full of despair
ichor turns black from red.
You’re gone
there’s nothing here,
left only with memories
invoking pain, forced to bear.
Laughs and smiles
all forgotten,
undying faith
went bitter and rotten.
Can’t think of anything else
nor have the desire to,
nothing can be felt
none, other than a few.
Oh, you’re gone
left for the tomorrow,
all that’s left behind
is emptiness and sorrow.
Your skin against mine
oh, how to forget,
when all I can think about
is the betrayal and regret?
Sore and tired
numb as well,
now you’ve left me
like an empty shell.
Trust and hope
it’s all shattered,
how could you touch me
leaving me all battered?
Filthy and exhausted
unwanted, darkness seeping to the core
nothing I could’ve done,
as I dropped onto the floor.
No one around
silence never felt so loud,
never felt this before
wishing to be in the crowd.
Walk away, say no
it was always a choice,
robbing me of freedom
you stifled my voice.
Don’t know what to do
what I want, to die or hide
what could’ve have I said,
as you stole my pride?
Here I am
all alone,
sitting breathless
my mind completely blown.
Was it my fault
Am I to blame?
That you made me feel worthless,
deserving to feel the shame?
Don’t know, don’t care
as long as you’re gone,
maybe just maybe, someday
this pain will become easier to bear.
As long as you’re gone.


Gayatri Ahuja – Jesus and Mary College,DU


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