Arrested or Surrendered? A terrorist or a patriot?


I deem it necessary before writing this story to tell all of you reading it that I’m a Hindu by religion, a downright patriotic teenage boy. Who is even willing to even give up studies if given an opportunity to join the Indian National Army be it any day.

All of us might have heard of Yakub Memon, the guy who was hanged on July 30, as he was declared one of the masterminds in the 1993 Bombay blasts. The former charted accountant was given the death sentence in a Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act (TADA) court on July 2007.

He was found guilty by Justice PD Kode, who is one of the best judges the country has seen. On The day that Kode gave his judgement against Memon, the accused had a breakdown in the court and the response by the one who was held responsible for the deaths of many in 1993 blasts, ended up giving goosebumps to everyone. What he uttered was a request not to the judge but to God to forgive the Kode who had given the judgement “as he knew not what he had done.”

Yakub’s words had that certain depth in them that could have shaken the whole courtroom and so it did. Everyone was left astonished as they were not expecting such strong words from the accused.

Kode himself describes Yakub as “a very educated man” and so will you if you ever see the interview that he has given to the headlines today team.  As for Yakub, he terms himself as a very good citizen of the country and till death pledged his innocence.

In a letter written to the Chief Justice of India in 1999 Memon tried to explain the CJI his story by telling him that as what was shown in the media by the authorities was all a hoax. He stated that he was never caught in New Delhi Railway station but had surrendered himself in Nepal despite his elder brother Tiger Memon, one of the most wanted of India, warning him of the consequences.

Yakub was taken into custody in Nepal with a briefcase of fake passports and information that clearly showed the involvement of the Pakistani government in the blasts. Yakub raised the question, as to why would he risk his life and surrender with such key information relating to the blasts if he was the mastermind of the blasts?

A news story published in the Indian Express on July 22 which mentioned B Raman, former Additional Secretary in the Cabinet Secretariat in 2007, saying that Yakub was in fact brought to Delhi in a government plane from Nepal.

On part of the story given in the court was completely bogus, proved by B Raman who even wrote back in 2007 that there is no iota of doubt in his mind that Yakub was involved in the blast case. He simply wrote the letter in 2007 to make people realise that Yakub isn’t all lies in what all he has said.

Memon has told the court in his trials that his elder brother Tiger and Toufique (a Business associate of Tiger) along with the Pakistani officials were responsible for the blasts.

What doesn’t quite clearly add up is the fact that Yakub stayed in Pakistan for almost an year and didn’t try to contact the Indian officials even when he allegedly states that he loves the nation.

“The whole family was made to leave India for some time by Tiger just a day before the blast”, said Yakub on in the headline today interview. He added “I needed some time to gather information and that is the only reason i stayed in the luxurious house in Pakistan.”

Shyam Keswani, the advocate of Yakub, says that the CBI back-stabbed them. Keswani claims that the CBI assured them that they wouldn’t oppose the bail plea of Yakub in the court as he had provided plenty of evidence but they according to Keswani took a U-Turn and opposed the bail.

Yakub predicted that he will be respected much more when the “logical end” of the case comes. He even in his last few days held the Indian Judiciary system at the highest regard and believed in it.

I can’t un-do what has been done nor do I proclaim him to be innocent. I just wish to feed your minds the facts that prevail. This puts us to doubt that is it really the investigating agencies that frame an innocent in such a brutal case or is it just a very well build up plan of our enemies to turn the people against the officials. It’s something worth thinking.

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