Arnab Goswami to Teach Journalism in Panjab University


Yes, you read that right (some of you probably wish you hadn’t). The former Editor-in-Chief of Times Now,  Arnab Goswami, will regularly grace PU students with his presence, with the advent of a specialized course he’ll teach in the School of Communication studies, Panjab University.

Goswami had apparently been planning to take a break from television, appalled at the state of today’s media. He found no better way to rectify the situation than to teach, and no better place than the prestigious mass communication department of Panjab University.

Goswami arrived in Chandigarh on Saturday, to attend a function conducted in Panjab University in his honor. The faculty thanked him for choosing their university to pursue the noble cause of education.

PU is one of the most reputed universities in India, and the level of its education is unparalleled. We welcome Mr. Goswami to our University, and hope he has a wonderful experience” said one of the professors.

Arnab addressed the students present, and spoke of media ethics and combating the problems journalism faces. “Media today is full of lies, deceit and corruption. I vehemently oppose this filth and plan to bring an era of good journalism, by teaching my students the practices I follow” he said. When asked about how he pulled a Schrodinger’s cat in the 2002 Gujarat riots and was found to be dishonest about it, he hastily excused himself, and remained unavailable for comment.

Classes will be held twice a week, and will comprise of one batch of 40 students. The selection process to form this batch, is unique in and of itself.

The first round will comprise of a literal shouting match between the students. Volume would be of the essence- students will need to drown out their opponents’ voices. The next round will consist of a debate among the students who clear the prelims.  They will be encouraged to be as boisterous as possible. Students who manage to cut off their opponent and insert their viewpoints will be favored; heavy gesturing will be appreciated. The selected students will finally be interviewed by Arnab himself, who will decide whether he sees potential in them based on their views (supposedly, you get brownie points, if you insert “BJP zindabad” somewhere in your PI), and their dislike of Shashi Tharoor.

We all are excited to learn from the master himself. I have my fingers crossed, I wish I get into that batch. I’ve even started working with a vocal coach, he trains me to shout as loud as possible” beamed an enthusiastic student.

The man known for his no-nonsense manner, and opinionated, controversial discussions is all set to teach classes from 2018-19. Talks are also underway, for the construction of a new mass communication lab to begin sometime this year.

Disclaimer- Wouldn’t this have been so much fun? The author shudders to think of the free-for-all discussions that would have ensued in classes, but also has a feeling she’d have probably grabbed some popcorn and enjoyed the show. Bogus Bulletin is our Thursday segment of light-hearted fake news (Donald Trump, much?). Please don’t break your TV’s in protest.

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