Arnab Goswami; Mouthpiece of the Government or Voice of the People?


When did we last see an Indian news-presenter be in the limelight so strong that the home ministry offers him to keep a Y-type security? When was the last time when you saw an English news-presenter in India become a household name? Yes, you know that we are talking about Arnab Goswami. The loud Assamese scholar who you might criticise for being too garish or too biased has taken over the Indian broadcast news industry after his very famous Rahul Gandhi interview just before the 2014 elections.

As per sources Arnab, in the editorial meeting on the first of November, declared that he will resign from his post as the Editor-in-chief. The Oxford University alumni claimed to start something of his own and even exclaimed that “the game has just begun.” Good Times, a magazine from the north-east did quote Arnab, saying he wishes to be part of a channel like BBC or CNN broadcasting from India to the rest of the world.

Now that Arnab is leaving (maybe for a brief period or longer) we are still to conclude the hot debate. It is bigger than the new hour debate itself, is Arnab a mouthpiece of the government or the voice of the country?

Goswami has seen criticism and has his fair share of followers as well. He has been criticised for being judgmental and for speaking over his guests on his prime time show. Goswami famously once invited Omar Khalid on his show and asked him a few questions. When the latter started speaking Arnab rammed over Khalid and denied the JNU student any opportunity to speak as he famously does. On the very same day he was labelled a right-wing influenced journalist.

But how can we ignore his rampant speech over the Delhi BJP MLA, Vijender Gupta when the latter stood on his seat in the Delhi Vidhan Sabha. There have also been times when Arnab has come up against the government, like the time when he criticised Smriti Irani over her alleged interference with the teaching faculty of top institutions of the country.

Arnab Goswami is known for backing up the armed forces day in and day out. Maybe his reason for doing so can be his love for the armed forces being an army brat as we so fondly call those these days.

So to say, Arnab Goswami did take the wrong approach towards conducting his News hour show. He used to shout and scream, no doubt in that. Leaving his ethics behind before entering the news room, the man never cared for what people thought of him and was focus on getting his viewership high, or in getting the truth out.

Although from a family of prominent leaders, Arnab cannot be criticised for leaning towards any ideology as his paternal grandfather was a congress leader and maternal grandfather a communist. Some of his uncles were BJP members too.

Arnab Goswami is prominent face in the news industry not only in India but his flamboyant style has made him famous all over Asia and even the world. This can be known by checking the BBC’s website which stated this morning, “India Aghast as Top TV Personality Quits”.

Arnab might be biased or judgmental but his eagle eye hunting skills for the politicians has put him above many in the industry. Somewhere down the line, we all hope to see him back on the TV screens shouting over some political leader who goes on blabbering.

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Kshitij Bhargava (SD College 32)

Kshitij Bhargava
(SD College 32)

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