Are you alive or just breathing?


Coming across a lot of stressed teenagers and their worried parents, increasing family conflicts on trivial issues, cases of anxiety disorder and psychological problems among youth, I AM COMPELLED TO WRITE  WHAT FOLLOWS!

LIFE! The smaller the world, the complicated it is! We’re living in an era where people are treated as machines. Expectation and competition runs high here. We have an urge to LIVE, where mere survival is an up-hill task.

Everyone has an unending list of wishes- dream countries to visit, cars to own and what not? Owning a brand has become a necessity and being “richer” is certainly what the race is about!

In such a life of spiritual retardation, Brain follows a repetitive cycle:

Work -Competition -Religion -Family -Friends -Love -Relationships -Break-up -Trauma -………..*EXPLODE*!

Yes, like a pressure cooker, it EXPLODES! Filled with tangled thoughts, life weights more than a diseased body and nothing seems to be there to rescue.

Ironically, I wrote my first article on “happiness”, telling how important it is to be happy, to put you all at ease. It is yet another attempt to do so!

Life is BEAUTIFUL! You’ll never be young again, so give yourself a pause and cheer up. Why not eat your part of the dessert before it melts? Life is going to eat you up anyway! We all are here to succeed and believe me, working towards it will help. Stressing yourself WON’T!

Love yourself, because no one can do it better than you! Treat yourself, because you are surviving well-enough and that itself calls for an applause! Each one of you will make it to the place you want to. Work hard for it with a smile and its all yours!

Cheers people! You are special. Feel happy. Put your hand on your heart and say “ALL IS WELL”!


As they say, “YOU LIVE ONLY ONCE!”

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Devika Abrol

Devika Abrol (MCM College 36)


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