Are You A Proud Indian?


As Nationalism surges high on both frontiers, as the feeling of patriotism roars loud in India as well as in its twin, I sit in my room and wonder about the necessity of a war. Do we really need a war? This is a debatable question, for which I have been a witness to innumerable debates raging around me. A friend of mine says that its the need of the hour and we, Indians need to teach these “scums” a lesson. On the other hand, another friend of mine says that these matters should be handled diplomatically as war is not a means to an end and neither can we sustain a war in our economy. In the past few days, I’ve heard many such immeasurable arguments and I’m sure you’ve been a witness or a participant to the same.

I wonder yet again, in this politically charged environment if the idea of a war is playing with our feelings. Media and Bollywood have romanticised the notion of wars and martyrs and today as we sit in the comfort of our home, we very conveniently call ourselves patriotic. It’s actually rather easy to sit and debate all day long on this subject, especially when we have some hot blooded “patriots”, who are proud of their nationality or ethnicity, in the house. Now I’ve always found this pride to be a hoax. I find this just a feeling to excite the fickle minded mob and then drop the blindfold of “Proud Indian” on our eyes.

8159e6cb4a21106c27d067133f437b95What are we proud of exactly? To me, pride is a feeling that kicks in when I’ve achieved something by my own efforts. How can I feel proud to be an Indian when it was mere chance that I was born in India? So dear “proud” friends, what if you were born in Canada or Nigeria? Would you still have been proud of India?

Let’s leave the heavy decisions of wars to the diplomats and focus, rather, on questioning the glorification of such ideas- Are you really proud? Is pride the emotion that you are feeling? Are you actually feeling that or is it just something that you are conditioned to believe?

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Pratibha Nehra (Dept. of English and Cultural Studies)

Pratibha Nehra
(Dept. of English and Cultural Studies)

I’m an avid reader who has a passion for writing as well. I’m also a music buff and a fan of live music. I’m pursuing my masters degree from Panjab University and would love to become a food critic someday. If you like what I write, then do visit my blog –


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