Are We In This Together?


Amidst the beautiful chaos and the flawed creations,
Stand the illuminated crossroads with our dreams ablaze,
Forced to kneel and softly swallow the pain,
Pull ourselves down and carefully keep taking the punches,
As they mislead us to the sinking forethought platforms,
Oh, are we in this together?

Days of darkness, steady losses and the ever-growing sorrow,
Continually snubbed, and passed on as glorified lost battles,
And the feelings of this dullard creature, ridiculed every bit, with every step
Only to end up in the same old place, the land of hopelessness, where
The same thought lingers every night, the end to be somewhere nigh,
Oh, are we in this together?

As all the indifferent faceless problems keep creeping up, wondering
Oh, how the stairway to solitude is barred by the debris of the boisterous rules,
Pitiful, how time has led us all to the state of indignation in our ponderous heads
Only to realise that the cages, so furiously despised, were unknowingly built by us,
Now, as I stare at the ceiling, lost, broken and muddled, the only thought that persists
Oh, are we in this together?

About the Author:

Manhar Manchanda (Dept. of Economics, PU Campus)

Manhar Manchanda
(Dept. of Economics, PU Campus)

17 Years Old. Currently pursuing BA Honours in the Economics Department, PU. A Movie buff, a Beatles/Nirvana fan, love to play the guitar and write songs.




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