Are Gandhis better than them all?

After having served the nation politically right from the time of Independence, the Gandhi family-tree has been engrossed in parliamentary affairs of India ever since. In fact, maybe India has never seen a session of parliament taking place, without the Gandhi family directly or indirectly related to it.

Years of service from the Gandhis have made India stand where it is today. But then, where is it today? India is in a position where no such huge nation would like to be. We have an unemployment rate of 3.6% as of 2014 and this is equal to Ghana’s unemployment rate as well. As you should know, Ghana has a population of around 27 million, while we are at a staggering 1.3 billion.

So our nation is not on strong grounds till date even after getting independence in 1947 or should I say it was 1950? But that discussion is for some other day. India might have been on the back-foot in the creation of world standards for its citizens, but one thing that is sure, is that India has been home to dynamic personalities.

We have had people like C.V Raman to JRD Tata and not to forget the Ambanis. We have seen greats like Abdul Kalam and Amartya Sen take birth on the soil of India. But to overpower them all were the Gandhis, present everywhere even in the list of Bharat Ratnas.

Rishi Kapoor is also included in the list of those who have taken India to attain respects on the International stage. He belongs to the family of those who have brought the Indian Cinema to certain heights, that you all so very well enjoy these days. That very Rishi Kapoor made a very enthralling point a few days ago on twitter. The veteran actor asked why there were so many things that had been named after the Gandhi family members.

To look at it, we have 442 government schemes and projects named after the three Gandhi family members, who held the Prime Minister’s post in India. And this doesn’t include roads in various cities that are named after them.

Ronald Regan was the American President in 1980’s, that is the same time as Rajiv Gandhi was the prime minister of India. Ronald gave USA a safer environment with his contribution to end the Cold-War. He brought down the unemployment rate in USA from 7.5% to 5.4% percent. Rajiv Gandhi on the other hand, according to Congress supporters, set up the foundation of modern India. He did good for the nation, yes. But that was not something we should be thanking him for. A Prime Minister or any other politician is elected to do a job and that was debatably done by Rajiv Gandhi too. But both being on the same power position, Regan has around 80 institutions, parks and such others on his name in the USA, whereas Gandhi has more than 200.

Rajiv Gandhi was a great leader, no doubt. But was he greater than other prominent Indians, who have brought all the glory upon India domestically and internationally? Why are we so obsessed with the Gandhi family that we need to keep power plants, stadiums, airports, educational institutions, sports tournaments and what not on their names?

Even I was surrounded by institutions named after Indira Gandhi, while growing up. My father being in the medical field, worked at a hospital named after Indira Gandhi, and I went to sports complex named after her. Not to mention that it was the same case with even a small shopping complex in the area.

Wasn’t India a democracy after independence, or was it all staged? Did the Gandhi reach to that level of power at their hands, making them believe that India is theirs for the taking? If the Congress was still in power at the centre, or in Haryana or Punjab, even the new airport here would have been ‘Rajiv Gandhi International Airport’. Just a thought.

Have Gandhis given us so much more than other greats of this nation, that we have every other asset to their name?

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