Apratim Rises High On Day 2


The techno-cultural fest of Chandigarh College of Engineering and Technology (CCET), Apratim’16 continued with the zeal of Day 1 and took it even higher with a range of fun events on November 12th, 2016.

Totally capturing the essence of childhood, the fest offered it in the form of fun events, starting from Minute It Up. It further offered a variety of stages, such as Movin’ It Up where the contestants organized 39 cups one on the other, with the red one on the base. And they moved it from bottom to the top and returned to the bottom again all in 60 seconds. It was followed by Yank Me, This Blows and Defying Gravity; all the activities playing in some technique or the other with the plastic cups.

The next event on schedule was LAN Gaming, which saw a good deal of engagement as the participants stole the opportunity to involve into the games such as that of Counter Strike 1.6, FIFA 16, NFSS Most Wanted and Mini Militia. While the dancing competition gave all the chance to the teams and solo to claim the stage, the tattoo-making, grafitti, collage making and face painting rather focused on the calmer side of childhood by expressing through art. Adding a technical aspect to the mood, Bob The Builder brought out the finesse in town planning as the participants balanced out greenery, population and amenities to make an ideal town.

Pheonix did swipe over the creative side with debate, pratimbh (street-paly), group discussion and Just-A-Minute (JAM). The crowd went wild as the sports event unfolded, in the form of football tournament, beach football, cricket tournament and sports quiz. Among all other events including robo-war, solo singing and instrumental, mono act and such, what highlighted itself was Campus Princess. Grabbing attention of many and attaining participation in good numbers, the event was a direct chance for fashion and modeling enthusiasts to enter into the femina world.

Apratim 2016 ended with a star-night and in all manner as we may call it, it made the phoenix rise.


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